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Cape Town Electronic Music Festival 2019 Edition Is Back

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CTEMF has evolved since making its debut back in 2012. A few weeks ago, we were looking at the lineup from that year ‘Black Coffee, Floyd Lavine, Goldfish, Julian Gomes, Kid Fonque’. In several short years, these artists went from high potential to world class. From locally respected to internationally renowned.

CTEMF provided a platform to showcase their talent at an important point in their careers. CTEMF organizers are proud of that and it made them reconsider their approach to the 8th edition of this festival. They are making a return to the source with three big changes to ensure an event worth looking back on.


CTEMF 2019 will take place over one day (and night), with various stages that reflect our rich music culture. This also keeps the festival affordable and inclusive without compromising on the high standards you’ve come to expect from this festival. As usual, the workshop programme has taken  place in the week leading up to the event.


The event organizers have heard the calls to bring the festival back to the city. CTEMF 2019 will take place at the Cape Town Castle!  CTEMF is thrilled to be back within the city limits and to make the event more accessible.


Past editions of CTEMF have featured acclaimed international headliners. This was important because it helped in getting global recognition but CTEMF is putting the spotlight back onto homegrown artists in 2019. International guests will feature at satellite events, but the core festival is a showcase of the finest artists in this country.

We look forward to seeing you at The Castle on the 9th of February, where CTEMF 2019 will pave the way for a new generation of local stars.

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Source – CTEMF

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