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David Mayer And Floyd Lavine Provide A Thrilling Ride With Sondela Ep

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Let’s dive into it and take a look at a ‘massive collaborative effort’ by ‘David Mayer & Floyd Lavine titled Sondela EP’. Having previously released on the ‘Connected Label’ as individuals, ‘David Mayer & Floyd Lavine’ now do so together with their collaborative EP, ‘Sondela’. ‘David Mayer’ born in south Germany and spent most of his early years in Norway and Lanzarote, before moving to Berlin back in 2004. His recent massive projects include ‘Drained EP, Phoebus, Save the Children’.

On this one he partners up with Floyd Lavine’  who is what one would call a ‘New African Generation Artist’. Born and raised in South Africa, Floyd explores our global village in every direction with one foot in Berlin and the other in Cape Town. His recent projects include EP’s such as ‘Black Laces, Masala and Khana’.

Getting down to the matter at hand, which is ‘Sondela EP’. This is an EP which offers ‘four scotching hot tracks’ with the title track creatively offered in three ‘ear pleasing, foot stomping’ versions. ‘Sondela’ is the title track and ‘Xolisa’ has layered some ‘solid melodic vocals’ on that jam. ‘Sondela (Original Version)’ is undoubtedly my pick from this EP. This track takes you on a beautiful journey through some ‘soul captivating beats’ fused with ‘tense percussion and massive synth drones’ and that is all topped up by ‘Xoliswa’s powerful yet soothing vocal capability’ which urges the listener to ‘Sondela’.


If one is looking for an ‘Afro Tribal Feel’ sort of a sound, then ‘Floyd Lavine’ offers a stripped down version of which is titled ‘Sondela (Floyd Lavine Drumversion)’. The emphasis is the ‘core beat, vocal and percussion’ on ‘Floyd Lavine Drumversion’ therefore creating the most captivating ‘Tribal Atmosphere’. Other jams to lookout for include ‘XI’ and ‘Sondela The Instrumental Version’. ‘David Mayer & Floyd Lavine’ have outdone themselves with this collaboration and successfully provide a ‘thrilling ride’ for the listener.

David Mayer & Floyd Lavine – Sondela EP: Get It Here

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