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DJ Lag And DJ Tira Share ‘Siyagroova’

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South African artists DJ Lag and DJ Tira collaborate for the first time on their latest track Siyagroova. The single is available to buy and stream on all platforms now. Siyagroova is built on a sonic bedrock that could only have emerged from two of Durban’s most acclaimed music innovators. The song is nothing short of a mash-up of gqom’s uncompromising percussive snaps and cracks with irresistible kwaito-inflected vocals. For DJ Lag, “Siyagroova” is an invitation to have fun. “The whole year we were on lockdown and so we decided to make a tune to forget all the struggling we had throughout 2020 and just have fun.” Whilst for DJ Tira, “Durban is known for supplying summer anthems that make people dance every year – and that’s what we are telling people with this song.”

Taking just an hour for “Siyagroova” to emerge, Lag muses, “it was just the two of us in Tira’s studio and the song was finished so quickly, it showed that this is something we should have done long ago.” Whilst Tira continues, “We found the appropriate beat to go with the lyrics that I already had in my head. It took us one hour to kill this song. It was just me and DJ Lag in studio and I am glad such a dope song came out.”


“I have always wanted to work with DJ Lag,” explains DJ Tira. “He is one of the best Gqom producers in Durban and is also a super international DJ. He is always touring around the world, pushing the dance Gqom sound. I have so much respect for him.” “We have never worked together before but it has been a dream to work with Tira – especially because I’ve been following him since I was young,” says DJ Lag.

As a pioneer who propelled the quintessentially Durban Gqom sound, DJ Lag is putting in the work required for longevity to make sure Gqom takes its place in history. Still in his twenties, his rise from South African township to the international electronic stage is palpable.

Siyagroova Is Available Here

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