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MoBlack Records Unleash Kakaramba Remixes

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The figure five is known to be a biblical symbol of divine grace, mercy and unconditional love, and for MoBlack Records 411th catalog, five are the number of interpretations rendered for Tick Tock and Milkoeh’s homage to providence, sewn and uplifted by B’utiza’s vocals. Comprising of unique remixes from some of Africa’s most promising talents, MoBlack Records 411th release is an amalgamation of organic tribal sounds, Afro soulfulness and innovative electronic manoeuvres, inspired by faith and emboldened by a stirring heart-to-soul dialogue with the Kakaramba, at the hand of South African vocalist, B’utiza’s transcendent chorale.


Pretoria’s Dee Cee leads the five pack, cutting pulsating synth against the grain of a driving bassline in pursuit of imminent conviction. Rustenberg’s Arol $Kinzie swerves trajectory cascading electronica and wading into layers of deep atmospherics and wind-propelled meditation, but ever remains grounded in B’utiza’s hominal croon. Nuanced basslines brushed with melodic noir and bristly percussion that resound the awakening of his African roots sets Silvva’s remix in motion, a 7:15 minute adrenaline rush. Letting vigorous vocals run its ardent course, Kiing Praiise and Gubu Noir evoke the deluge of emotions in B’utiza’s litany, festooned by disruptive syncopation, airy pads and brittle groove. Wrapping up the quintuplet, Casaba Tribe deploys gunning locomotive sonance into searing hi-hat procession, breaching sonic overload that ruptures into celestial territory.

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