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SmokeFilled Is A Heat Packing EP

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2018!!! Welcome to it. We kick off our year in style with an EP Review and I must say ‘what an amazing way of starting our musical in 2018’. Last year was a good one for House Music in general and ‘House Heads’ got their fair share of ‘smashing heat songs’. If that alone can be used as a ‘measuring stick’, then 2018 is firmly poised to offer something better than last year.

We kick off our ‘Music Review’ with an ‘EP’ offering from ‘Antony Crox’ which is titled ‘SmokeFilled’. ‘SmokeFilled’ is ‘Antony Crox’ debut release from his label ‘Khoisan Music’. Hopefully, this is just a beginning of an ‘amazing journey’ from this talented South African based house music producer. He has been sending out hints for the better part of last year with his ‘massive single releases’. We had to wait to till end of the year for ‘Antony Crox’ to finally drop ‘SmokeFilled EP’ largely due to him looking at releasing this offering through his label ‘Khoisan Music’. Boy!!! Was it ‘worth the wait’.

‘SmokeFilled’ is a two track EP perfect for those who appreciate the ‘more refined sounds of Lounge House Music’. ‘Antony Crox’ selected two tracks for this ‘EP’ with the titles ‘How To Eat A Space Muffin (SmokeFilled Dream)’ and the second one being ‘Inhaled Happiness (SmokeFilled Spin)’. ‘How To Eat A Space Muffin (SmokeFilled Dream)’ is a laid back sort of track, one could go on and praise the song for its ‘soothing and relaxing abilities’. Where as in ‘Inhaled Happiness (SmokeFilled Spin)’ ‘Antony Crox’ teams up with his long standing partner in crime ‘KingTouch(The Godsons)’ and these two seem to reveal a more futuristic but relaxing down tempo sound which will surely leave ‘your ears tingling with excitement’.

What we loved about ‘Antony Crox’ offering ‘SmokeFilled’ is his ‘fearless approach’ towards experimenting with new sounds and in this particular moment, ‘it worked out perfectly for him’ and we can’t wait to hear what he has instore for us this year. It is now a fact ‘where there is smoke, there is fire’ and ‘SmokeFilled is a heat packing EP’.


Antony Crox ‘SmokeFilled EP’ Instores Now!!!







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