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Team Distant Presents Latest EP Titled ‘Native Flute Song’

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Aluku Records welcomes back super talented Botswana Afro House duo Team Distant with their highlife authentic atmospheric Afro House EP titled Native Flute Song. It was 4 years ago they featured their last EP on the label and really excited to present to you this South American/Native American indigenous Afro House style package with traditional woodwinds, tropical atmospheric simples and not forgetting spiritual chants for you all to take in for your awakened soul uplifting musical escapism.


Two Afro tracks with one a more highlife summer style Native Flute Song and the other a much deeper midnight ritual journey feeling Pangea Drums and not forgetting an intro atmospheric track Amazon Callings and a real life jungle sample sound to use for different purposes whether it is starting, ending a live stream or podcast dj cinematic tropical journey mix or even keeping the afro drumming vibrations and talking flutes for the outdoors/indoors spiritual environments.

Native Flute Song Is Available Here

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