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10 Must Have House Music Albums For 2017 '#4 & #3'

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4. Dj Ganyani – Ganyani’s House Grooves 10


Ganyani Tshabalala who is affectionately known as ‘Dj Ganyani’, has been in the music industry for over 20 years. With his great passion for music, at the age of 15 he started teaching himself several DJ techniques to manipulate the pre-recorded music. These include ‘cueing, equalization, phrasing, beat juggling etc’. to perform the transitions and overdubs of a number of sources in a more creative way. Over these years ‘Dj Ganyani’ has kept us dancing with his compilation series which is simply titled ‘Ganyani’s House Grooves’.

‘Ganyani’s House Grooves’ has been a household favourite and has never failed in providing us with ‘Dance Floor Bangers’. Some of the recent ‘Dance Floor Bangers’ from ‘Ganyanis House Grooves’ include hit tracks such as “Be There” where Dj Ganyani features Mlu and Big Nuz, “Xigubu” where Dj Ganyani features the dynamic FB(Fiesta Black), “Lengoma” where he features G-Kah and ‘Talk To Me’ where Layla featured.

This year Dj Ganyani has once again ‘dropped heat’ on us with the release of his latest offering which is titled ‘Ganyani’s House Grooves 10’. ‘Ganyani’s House Grooves 10’ carries off where his last offering left us ‘On A Musical High’. At my first listening session of ‘Ganyani’s House Grooves 10’, I honestly had no high expectations as I felt that Dj Ganyani (Master G) has proven to us what he is capable of over the years. That soon was proven wrong as this a ‘heat packing album’, not only does it carry with it ‘melodic vocals’, but it is a ‘serious groovy offering’ from first to last track. Tracks to lookout for in ‘Ganyani’s House Grooves 10’ include ‘Fading featuring Goodluck, Dit Moi Que Tu M’aime featuring Dboy, Emazulwini featuring Nomcebo’.

Purchase Dj Ganyani – Ganyani’s House Grooves 10 Here


3. Glen Lewis – Matters Of House


What would the local dance/house music scene be without ‘Glen Lewis’? The name ‘Glen Lewis’ has become synonymous with ‘deep house tunes, electrifying masses into motion on dance floors throughout the world’. He is one of the ‘pioneers of the MidTempo trend’, releasing the first of the Mid-Tempo CD compilations in 1999. Five months later he released ‘Numero Uno’, which is a collection of ‘pulsating Latic house tracks’. ‘Midtempo 2000 followed’. In 2001, he teamed up with ‘DJ Fresh to release Gatecrusher Meets Afrika’ and ‘Glenzito’ has been at it since then till this day.

This year Glen Lewis has released his ‘much anticipated compilation album’ which is titled ‘Matters Of House’ and that is worthy of the third spot within our ‘Top 10 Must Have House Music Albums For 2017’. ‘Matters Of House’ was worth the wait, this compilation album is nothing short of a ‘masterpiece’. You can tell that Glen Lewis had a specific goal in mind with ‘Matters Of House’ and the goal was to bring us ‘House Music In The Purest Form’. With features from ‘Jimpster, Andre Lodemman, Rampa, &ME and many more’, Glen Lewis has achieved his goal. With ‘Matters Of House’ there are just no specific tracks to lookout for, this is a complete and a definite must have to complete your collection for 2017.

Purchase Glen Lewis – Matters Of House Here

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