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Tina Ardor Launches New Kenyan Label Trilogy

In a bold move poised to shake up the global music scene, Migati Music emerges as the latest addition to Nairobi’s vibrant cultural landscape. Spearheaded by the dynamic sibling trio of MGM Kenya, Gabriel, and Tina Ardor, Migati Music transcends the conventional boundaries of a mere record label; it stands as a powerhouse of creativity, innovation, and passion.

The trio behind Migati Music brings forth a diverse array of talents and expertise. From DJ/Producer MGM Kenya to UI/UX designer Gabriel and the electrifying House Music singer/songwriter/DJ/A&R Tina Ardor, each member contributes their distinct flair and visionary perspective to the collective.

Now, Migati Music is set to make its indelible mark with the release of its debut single, ‘CREATE.’ This soul-stirring track represents a collaboration between the enchanting Tina Ardor and the masterful producer Hendrick Sam, both natives of Nairobi, Kenya. ‘CREATE’ transcends genre confines, seamlessly blending Afrohouse, 3-step, and Amapiano elements to craft a sound uniquely its own.

From its pulsating beat to its orchestral melodies and rhythmic chants, ‘CREATE’ captivates listeners from its very inception. Yet, it is more than just a song; it serves as a profound statement—a declaration of artistic autonomy and a revolt against conformity. In a world where artists often find themselves pressured to conform to predefined norms, Migati Music and ‘CREATE’ serve as testament to boundless creativity, unrestricted by conventional boundaries.

With its distinctive sound and visionary outlook, Migati Music stands poised to become a driving force within the global music industry. Keep a keen eye on this innovative record label—what’s to come is certain to be nothing short of extraordinary.

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