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Budda Sage 'On The SpotLight'

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For some time now, we have noticed some ‘shift happening within The South African House Music Scene’. Gone are the days where ‘House Music Heavyweights’ were the only source of ‘house music hits’. ‘Young Cats’ too are up to the task and ‘stepping up their game’. ‘On The SpotLight’ this week we have ‘Budda Sage’ as we get to understand ‘the new wave of South African House Musicians’. ‘On The SpotLight’, let’s get to it…

ShoMag: Let us take this time and thank you for hitting us up with this ‘one on one’. We have to kick it off by getting to know who ‘Budda Sage’ is and where is he from?

Budda Sage: My real name is ‘Siyabonga Kubheka’. ‘Budda Sage’ is a 21 year old Music Producer / Deejay who hails from Durban, South Africa. I would say, I do Afro House Music with a bit of Deep Tech House Music.

ShoMag: For ‘Budda Sage’ how did it all start, please take us back on how your ‘musical journey’ started and was music something you always wanted to be a part of?

Budda Sage: Apart from the love of music that I have. I grew up in a ‘musical family’ and that influenced my taste in music and taught me different kinds of music genres since my father was largely involved in playing musical instruments and also teaching.

ShoMag: Music industry can at times get ‘ruthless’. What has been your ‘ultimate low’ within this industry and what lessons did you take out of that situation?

Budda Sage: Like every business and life, set-backs are there to test your passion in whatever you are doing. The biggest challenge I have faced has been that of lack of equipment for music production ‘but I get by with what I have’ and having ‘music projects stolen’ by certain people who help me with my production. Staying humble and ‘keeping on my own lane’ has kept me on track that is one of the lessons I took from those misfortunes.


ShoMag: Every artist would like to have his/her particular ‘signature sound’. How would you describe ‘Budda Sage’ signature sound and what influences that sound?

Budda Sage: My sound is influenced by ‘African Music’ and I always showcase that sound within my production. I also tend to blend ‘Soul, RawTech and Afro House Sounds’ with drums so as to find my unique sound.

ShoMag: Looking back at the ‘road travelled thus far’? What would you list as your biggest break within the music industry and why was it your biggest break?

Budda Sage: Back In 2014 /2015 I had to put ‘music production on the back seat and focus on my school work’. Taking some time off music production helped me a lot as I managed to get back in studio around 2016. What came out, was the release of my ‘debut EP’ which I still consider a classic and my ‘biggest break’ yet.

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