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Demented Soul 'On The SpotLight'

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From the time he dropped his debut offering called ‘Imp5 Theory’. It was crystal clear that there was something special about ‘Demented Soul’. This week ‘On The SpotLight’, we catch up with ‘Demented Soul’ as we look back on his musical journey thus far and also uncover his plans for the future. Let’s get to it…

ShoMag: Before all goes down, let us thank you for taking some time out of your busy schedule, just so we can have a talk with you. Firstly who is ‘Demented Soul’ and where is he from?

Demented Soul: Demented Soul is one of South Africa’s most diligent independent ‘Producer/Deejay/Remixer/Performing Artist’. I would say my special gift is in ‘production, mixing and mastering of house music’. I have a couple of tracks featured by ‘Tim White, Ralf Gum, Vinny Da Vinci, Dee Malice, DJ Fortee’.


ShoMag: Just as any other ‘industry’, the music industry can be a difficult one to get into. How did you become of this industry and how are you finding your ‘musical journey’ so far?

Demented Soul: Firstly, I have always collected music at a young age as I loved music even back then. ‘I am from a musical family’. My grandmother’s father was a jazz musician and I am of the fourth generation of my family and still continuing with our ‘Music Legacy’.

ShoMag: ‘Music is a very challenging and highly competitive industry’ in general. What would you say is your biggest challenge when it comes to the music industry?

Demented Soul: I would say that the biggest challenge for me within the industry is to have your ‘skills underrated’ for a lengthy period, I have noticed that tends to ‘delay one’s growth’.

ShoMag: We all know following famous words ‘House Music Is A Spiritual Thing’ some even go on and say ‘House Music Is A Soul Thing’. What attracted you to ‘House Music’?

Demented Soul: What attracted me to house music was firstly that ‘it truly is a spiritual thing’. One gets to experience a feeling of ‘jubilation, healing, sadness, excitement, hope, salvation, abundance & prosperity while dancing through melodies’ as they have some spiritual conversations with you.


ShoMag: Individuality is one important aspect for every ‘music producer’s career’. As a music producer how would you describe your sound and what inspires it?

Demented Soul: My sound is ‘emotional, spiritual and hard-core yet soft at the same time’. My production is always a phase of rehabilitation from all negative impacts, it gives me life as I believe and pray that it does the same to the people in the world.

ShoMag: You have been ‘hands on’ in grooming a couple of talented vocalists including ‘TmanXpress’. How did that come about and is it something you would say you are passionate about?

Demented Soul: I always believed that God blesses me with people that I can help and in turn they are able to help me too. ‘We grow together from all aspects of music, life, love and destiny’.

I have a will in me that always wants to help people and install hope, faith, belief, greatness and prosperity. The relationship between ‘TmanXpress’ and I first began as pure friends and sort of evolved to what it is now ‘brotherhood’ and we also ‘draw a lot of musical inspiration from one another’.

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