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Dr Craigaluv On The Sho Mag Spot Light

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Well known for his fusion of musical elements and crispy-clear vocals, Dr Craigaluv, the South African born artist, is an audience proclaimed prescription specialist through sound, lyrics and dance. He is a versatile creative, who never conform to genre specific boundaries. This week we shine our Sho Mag Spot-Light on the vocal powerhouse Dr Craigaluv…

Thank you for coming through for this one on one. Can you kick things off by telling us who is Dr Craigaluv and where is he from?

Dr Craigaluv is a singer-songwriter, composer and a producer who is from a township, Weilers Farm Kanana Park, in the outskirts of Johannesburg.

How did you get into music and are you from coming from a musical family? Are there any other earlier musical influences in your life?

I was introduced to a music production software, Fruity Loops in early 2011, by a friend and producer (LXRD THRN) who needed to use my computer for his project. My mother always had a passion for singing and we would often sing together in between house chores. My earlier music influences include the Pop and R&B sounds of the 90s era.

What does House Music mean to Dr Craigaluv, and out of all the music genres out there why House Music?

House music means freedom of expression without limitations and most importantly the fact that I get to make people dance whilst I tell them a meaningful story.


Just as any other industry out there, the music industry has some challenges. So far, what has been your biggest challenge within the music industry and how did you see that through?

The biggest challenge has been getting my music in front of people’s ears and eyes and the best way of overcoming the challenge was to build platforms (Social Media, Music Streaming and Download Pages) and a brand that I can use to direct people to the music.

Looking back at your musical journey. What would you include as is your highlight so far?

My highlight thus far was when I first aired on radio with my 2nd single Dreaming (My Peace) on SABC’s Lesedi FM Reakubeletsa by Ba2Cada.

How would you describe the Dr Craigaluv sound and what would you say is the inspiration behind such sound?

The Dr Craigaluv sound is centred on soothing vocals and upbeat rhythmic tempo and such an inspiration was that music is constantly evolving and up is where it is going.

A lot of quality house music was released last year. For you, how would you sum up 2019 in terms of music?

It was the year of evolution whereby genres and styles of past decades were brought back into main stream with a few tweaks which made them more appealing to the modern generation.


Late last year you dropped your EP Prescription – 1st Appointment, can you run us through the kind of sound you selected for that offering?

The sound is electronic, upbeat, dance and soulful. Electronic music is here to stay, but it is more impactful when you add soul into it.

What was the inspiration behind Prescription – 1st Appointment and how was the project received by the public?

My stage name suggests that I am a doctor of some sort, music to be precise and I strongly believe that I am obligated to offer a prescription to my patients (audience). The reception has been overwhelming because not only a few songs shine, but every song shines for the fact that every patient gets healed by the different medicine (song) they need.

Looking into 2020, are there any projects from Dr Craigaluv on the pipeline we need to look forward to?

This year, I will be releasing a single from my EP which will be followed by a music video. More music will be dished out from various features by other artists and producers.

Your five tracks you currently feeling and why?

Tender Love by Sha Sha , Nana Thula by Kabza de Small & Dj Maphorisa, Umona by TNS, Ndimlo by Prince Kaybee and Ibhanoyi by Blaq Diamond. These songs speak to my soul in the sense that love will always conquer and that whatever challenges I face in life should not make me quit the fight.

Closing things off, what would your advice be to an up and coming bedroom producer who is looking at making a name for him/herself through music?

My advice would be to never stop doing what they do, if they really love it. It won’t be easy for them to achieve their goals but they should consistently work on new content. Network and cease every little opportunity that may help them expose their brand to their target market.

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