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Wilson Kentura On The SpotLight

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On our SpotLight this week, we bring you the Angolan based Afro House Music sensation Wilson Kentura. Fresh from dropping smashing Afro House James with the likes of Afro Warriors, Lizwi M and Candy Man, we catch up with him and then get his take on the Afro House Music Scene. Welcome to it…

Very warm welcome to Sho Mag and thank you for blessing us with this one on one. Can you start off by telling us who Wilson Kentura is and where is he from?

I am grateful for the invitation. Wilson Kentura is a deejay and producer of electronic music specifically house music and several sub-genres, born and resident in Luanda-Angola.

I gather Wilson Kentura is not your real name. Where does it come from and why did opt for that name?

My real name is Felisberto Artur, but my nickname or household name is Wilson Kentura which means hot. It came about through the assignment of friends who accompanied my work and found it the same as being hot. Then I associated it with my name and then came Wilson Kentura.

Afro House Music has taken off in South Africa and on other parts of the world. How is it received in Angola and how is the Afro House Music Scene there?

Afro House in Angola is also one of the most consumed music styles currently, unlike a few years ago. Today we already have a number of producers making this style and others merge Afro House with our world-renowned Kuduro Style.


Looking back at your musical journey, how did you get into music and what would you say were your earlier musical influences in your life?

Since my childhood I have always been linked to music, because my mother was a singer and I had more family members who were then members of a choir group from my church. But my great passion for music came at 14 with the influence of great artists at the time namely Salif Keita, Michael Jackson, Bob Sinclar. Phil Collins, Sade, Kassav, Daft Punk and more. Four years later, I decided to learn to make music instead of just being a listener.

You have been dropping some massive tunes this year. Can you please take us through your music production process, what does it involve?

I’m the kind that lets creativity get me. Many times this same creativity comes from songs or situations that make me and bring me that huge desire to be in the studio to do something beautiful. Being in the studio, creativity speaks louder than anything else.

Music has its highs and lows, for you what has been your lowest point and which lessons did you take with you through all that?

In my view, my lowest point was when I decided to take the music world seriously and felt that I was not being heard. I felt like, I gave my all but was still insufficient. But it was good because I learnt that everything has its time and if we continue to dedicate ourselves, not long and everything works out.

Big Up on your blazing new offering Target with Candy Man. What was the inspiration behind that banging offering?

This song tells a short story of a target that was hiding from his crimes but was eventually found by the police and killed “based on actual facts” and Candy Man is a friend we have had good relations with. I had the idea and invited him so as to turn this idea into music.

You have recently worked with Afro Warriors and the talented Lizwi M on a track called Ingani. Working with such massive Afro House Hitters, how did that come about?

Afro Warriors are a friend and colleagues within music. We have good relations and we have worked together on some projects. Ingani was the result of some studio days between me and Dr Renas and after that he invited Lizwi to add the vocals and so came Ingani.

You started this year off with a bang with tracks like Ingani, Target, Burn The Floor and so on. Are there any other projects you are currently working on for this year?

I’m working on some songs coming out this year, including my album that comes out later this year. So you can still wait for new songs from me later this year.


Your five musicians you’d collaborate with on a project with and why?

I would like to work with Sio, Roland Clarck, Monique Bingham, Nalize, Msaki. The reason is, I do identify so much with their vocals and I think I would do a beautiful job with them.

Any last words to the people out there who support your music?

Firstly, I thank you so much for the great support I have received, I see that a lot of people support and love my efforts and do give feedback. Please keep this up as I work hard and try to present good songs and with good quality. May God bless you and I love guys.

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