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Hypaphonik Pays Tribute To His Heritage And Unleash ‘AmaXhosa EP’ Through UK Based Label ‘WeAreiDyll Records’

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The dynamic UK based house music label WeAreiDyll Records is at it again, this time around they are proud to unleash their 21st release from the talented Hypaphonik as he pays tribute to his heritage by bringing forth a well-constructed release titled AmaXhosa EP. As an African electronic-based label starting off the new year with a pure Afro House release sets the tone for WeAreiDyll Records this year!

AmaXhosa is a Nguni ethnic group in South Africa whose homeland is primarily within the modern-day Eastern Cape. The EP is an appreciation for being “umXhosa”. The three track titles bear meaning to the Xhosa Tribe and were picked perfectly in line with the EP. AmaXhosa EP takes you on a tribal spiritual journey to the Eastern Cape. Injoli is someone who serves the community as a group of people at ’emcimbini’ which is a traditional event. Inkoduso is malt which serves as yeast in a traditional beer Umqombothi which the  Injoli serve others with it. Ubobotyana is a proverb created by the Xhosa people.


Hypaphonik found himself interested in music production at an early age after being inspired by an older cousin brother who was a dj back in the days. He is from up King Williams Town, a small but vibrant town in the Eastern Cape,South Africa. His real name is Sinalo Tonya who is versatile as he is  a music producer, remixer and dj, his earliest recognition was on one of South African based music label Urban Mystic Sounds followed by Candid Beings Records.

He has featured in a few notable compilation albums and with collaborations from the likes of Thabo Tonick, Zithane, Meszive Muzik, Mr Joz, Latique and many more. He has released music under renowned music labels such as Candid Beings Records, Ambious Records, Radio Headz, Garden Groove Music, High Frequency Soundz, and Urban Mystic Sounds and now WeAreiDyll Records.

AmaXhosa EP Is Available Here

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