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Masaladi 'On The SpotLight'

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It has been a while since we featured an artist ‘On The SpotLight’. This week we feature a talented KwaZulu Natal based artist. Last year he was award by ‘Mzansi House And Kwaito Music Awards’ the ‘Best House New Artist’ and also won the ‘Best Collaboration’ for the ‘Ulundi Entertainment Awards’. Ladies and gentlemen ‘On The SpotLight’ this week, I present to you ‘Masaladi’.

Sho Mag: To kick this off, ‘Big Up’ for taking some time for this ‘one on one’ with us, it has been long coming. To start things off, who is ‘Masaladi’ and where is he from?

Masaladi: Thanks you for having me. Masaladi’s real name is Mondli Thabiso Zakwe,I was born at Ulundi, South Africa but I grew up at Nquthi which is also in KZN, South Africa.

Sho Mag: Your deejay name is Masaladi’, can you tell us the story behind that name and what does it mean?

Masaladi:  Masaladi is a nickname I got from one of the uncles in my neighborhood, back then it had a different meaning that I’m not gonna share for now, but now it simple means ‘everything I mix turns to something good and presentable like a well done salad’.


Sho Mag: What is your role within the ‘music industry’, are you a music producer or a deejay or are you currently involved in both?

Masaladi:  I am a deejay and music producer. In the past, I have produced for the likes of ‘Shenise, PdotO, Mental and Ricardo Dyson’ to name the few and my past project has featured ‘Vincent Bones (SA Idols) and Stereo Tone’ to name the few.

Sho Mag: Your journey in music, how did you get into music, was music something you have always wanted to be a part?

Masaladi:  I never even once thought of becoming an artist. In 2013 I met an Indian lady ‘Shenise Pillay’ who was doing music at the time and we decided to do a song together, ‘God’s Grace’ and the song won ‘Euphonik Drop Zone Competition’ which was hosted by ‘DJ Euphonik’ and from there I decided to do music full time.

Sho Mag: When did you notice that you had ‘passion for music’ and out of all the ‘music genres’ one can pick from, why choose ‘house music’?

Masaladi:  I’ve always loved house music. The was a ‘House(503)’ in my neighborhood that was known for hosting top house parties every weekend during the year 1999-2004 if I’m not mistaken. They were playing house music day in and day out if not ‘K-Ci and JoJo’ and that is where my love for house music started. I decided to do it because I understand it more, it is something I was introduced to as a young boy and grew up loving it.

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