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Masterroxz On The SpotLight

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Fresh from dropping an amazing EP titled “Embrace”, this week “On The Spotlight” we break bread with the Mpumalanga, South African based house music producer / deejay “Masterroxz” and get to find out what he has instore for us…

Much love from Sho Mag and thank you for hooking this “one on one” up. To kick things off, who is “Masterroxz” and where is he from?

My real name is “Vusi Mofokeng” and I am from Mpumalanga in a small town called Standerton, South Africa.

The stage name “Masterroxz” is a catchy one we must say, where does it come from and why did you choose to use that stage name?

I use to adore Master “Wakes, Masters at work” and “Master Fale” music and I was using virtual Dj at that time playing around my hood on house parties and tarvens. I didn’t have a stage name so I wanted to create a unique stage name cause they use to tell me “ntwana uya-Rocka” so I decided to take Master and Rocks fuse them in a simple way “Masterroxz” was created in 2007.

Run us back through your earlier days in music. How did your journey into house music begin?

Music has always been a part of me as long as I can remember because I was raised by my great grandparents they bought me a computer after my mother’s passing in 2006. I learnt how to use automix and virtual dj because music was the only thing that could take my pain away at that time. Fast forward to 2013 I learned how to use Fruityloops, I created my first track in 2013 then in 2014 “Buder Prince” asked for my demo after he heard my first track called “A letter to Buhle” the he released 2 tracks on his label Deep Obsession since then I was motivated to keep going until now.

Through your “musical journey”, what would you say was your lowest point and how did you overcome that challenge?

The toughest challenge was in 2010 when my mother’s sisters came and convince me to quit doing this music thing they asked me if I know anyone who has ever made it through music “ubani omaziyo la estanderton owenza lento yakho waphumelela” well that was my big setback and the other thing was the difficulties of creating a song that sounds good throughout the years.


Looking back at your “musical journey”. What would you include as is your highlight so far?

My highlights so far aren’t that massive but in 2016 my track was selected by “Ladymary Sounds” from Italy they included it on their compilation and another was when I heard my song play on “Metro Fm” on urban beats by “Vinny Da Vinci” that was amazing.

Almost every musician strives to have their own distinctive sound. “Masterroxz”, what would you say is your “signature sound”?

I’m still working to find my signature sound, I want to create my own style. I created the “Redrum mix” my remixes interpretation they can explain what I’m trying to achieve by fusing Soulful sounds and Afro sounds with a little taste of electronic sounds.

What would you say is your first musical break and how did it feel?

Back in 2014 when my songs were released on all the online digital stores it was amazing to see my music along with the big names in the music industry.

“Big Up” on your latest release “Embrace EP”, please talk us through that release and what was the inspiration behind “Embrace EP”?

The inspiration behind “Embrace EP” was a bit confusing because most people were complaining that I only release instrumentals, so when will I get vocals or vocalists cause I make good music they were also judging from my remixes the “Redrum mix”. To tell you the truth my fans or supporters are my inspiration they created “Embrace EP” because it was them who pushed me to make vocals and I called it Embrace because I wanted to show appreciation to God as I embrace this musical talent he has given me.


How has “Embrace EP” been received by the public, deejay community and the dancefloor at large?

I must say the feedback is amazing and overwhelming some say it’s my best EP so far and I get more followers each and everyday people are satisfied with Embrace EP.

Looking into the year ahead. Are there any musical projects on the pipeline we should expect from “Masterroxz”?

Well I’m already working on my 2nd EP which will be released in May and I’ll also release two more EP’s before the end of this year.

Your five musical instruments and why?

Piano, Synthesizer, Beat Machine, Bass Guitar and Cdjz they all make sense in my world I think I can easily communicate with them.

Any last words to the people out there who support your music?

I appreciate their support I’m also humbled by the love I’m receiving from them and they must expect more music from me.

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