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Mzansi House Vol 7 Is The Ultimate Music Experience

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House Afrika’ is at it yet again in 2018. This time around they bring us a ‘monster of an offering’ with their latest compilation album ‘Mzansi House Vol 7’. Already on their seventh edition, ‘Mzansi House Vol 7’ packs ‘a mean punch’ in a form of a tightly packaged ‘four CD Bumper Pack’. There was some ‘hype’ steadily building up, weeks if not months leading up to the release date of ‘Mzansi House Vol 7’. That ‘hype build-up’ was worth it as ‘House Afrika’ finally dropped the much awaited compilation album ‘Mzansi House Vol 7’ on the 16th of March 2018 through all digital music outlets worldwide.

As mentioned above, ‘House Afrika’ decided to drop a ‘four CD Bumper Pack’ for ‘Mzansi House Vol 7’ with contributions from established South African Based House Music Producer/Deejays ‘Kid Fonque, Jazzuelle, Mig Madiq And Nuno Estevez, Kat La Kat’. All of whom individually bring about their own ‘unique music flavour’ which completes the ‘ultimate music experience’ which is ‘Mzansi House Vol 7’.

What ‘ultimate music experience’ you ask? Well… to start things off on a ‘smooth note’ is ‘Kid Fonque’ with his ‘High Output Mix’. Kid Fonque’ has been in the game for more than a decade now and with recent success through his label ‘Stay True Sounds’ and his ground-breaking ‘Selective Styles Radio Show on 5fm’.  On ‘High Output Mix’, ‘Kid Fonque’  features artists such as ‘Fka Mash, Dwson, Ta-Ice, and own material. Tracks to lookout for on ‘High Output Mix’ include a collaborative track by ‘Myazisto, Dene Theron titled Run Away’ and a ‘straight out banger’ by ‘Ta-ice, Myazisto tiled Goodies’. One can expect elements of ‘Soul, Jazz, Tech, Afro’ all perfectly fused up by ‘Kid Fonque’ on ‘High Output Mix’.


Jazzuelle follows up with his contribution which is titled ‘Rebirth’.  On ‘Rebirth’, ‘Jazzuelle’ features new school local talent such as ‘Fka Mash, Dwson’ and international heavyweights ‘Lars Behrenroth’ and ‘Jonny Miller’ bring about an ‘intense tech-heavy take on atmospheric house’. Some of the tracks to lookout for include ‘Jazzuelle – Flares’ and ‘Jazzuelle featuring Lars Behrenroth – Proxima’.

‘Mig Madiq and Nuno Estevez’ who run ‘Just Move Records’ follow up with their selection on ‘Mzansi House Vol 7’ 3rd CD. This is a ‘laid back, jazzy with some bright tones’ sort of a selection with features from the likes of ‘Shervaan Bergsteedt, Eddvin, Thorne Miller and Chris Sen, Mathais G, Ben Werchohlad, Muskidd’ and the label owners too. One should lookout for ‘Thorne Miller, Chris Sen featuring Mskelle – Wet Cinnamon’ and ‘Ben Werchohlad – Means Are The End (Thorne Miller Remix)’ word of warning though, ‘both tracks are captivating’.

Shutting things down on ‘Mzansi House Vol 7’ is ‘Kat La Kat’ with his ‘Inception mix’. ‘Kat La Kat’ showcases his original material, which includes features from the likes of ‘Dwson, Aquatone, Dzebetse and Sir Rizio’. ‘Inception mix’ carries with it ‘heavy deep house tones’ that are matched by its ability to fill any dancefloor. Jams to lookout for include ‘Kat La Kat, Aquatone – Got Ur Number’, ‘Kat La Kat, Keamo – Beautiful Nightmare’ and ‘Kat La Kat, Jazzil Franks, Marcella Nkuna – Easy To Love You’.

To round off everything in just a simple statement, ‘Mzansi House Vol 7 Is Thee…Ultimate Experience In Music’.

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