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Now And Again EP By Chanell Collen Is A Musically Well Planned And Executed Release

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Been a while since we got up and did a review. This time around we have a review and the offering is in a form of a ‘Two Track EP’ by ‘Chanell Collen’ titled ‘Now & Again’. Just a bit of background information about ‘Chanell Collen’, he is from KwaZulu Natal, South Africa which coincidentally has produced the likes of ‘Enoo Napa, Culoe De Song, Dj Merlon’ and a whole lot of other talented house music producer/deejays. ‘Chanell Collen’ therefore did not fall ‘far from the tree’ as he too specialises in producing ‘African Electronic/House Music’ and is also a member of the dynamic recording label called ‘Iklwa Brothers’. ‘Chanell Collen’ has also featured on esteemed labels such as ‘Aluku Records, Moblack’ and so.

‘Chanell Collen’ fresh from his recent offering titled ‘Expression EP’ where he partnered up with ‘Enoo Napa’ who is currently rated as ‘the number one Afro House Music Artist For 2017’ on Expression EP’s title track.  ‘Expression EP’ was released with ‘Aluku Records’. ‘Chanell Collen’ has followed that success with an amazing offering titled ‘Now & Again’. As mentioned before, ‘Now & Again’ is a ‘Two Track EP’ which is released through ‘Iklwa Brothers’.

‘Now & Again’ is a ‘musically well planned and executed release’, which would explain why we took so long to review this EP. ‘We just could not find words to do justice to this musical masterpiece’. To start off with the title track ‘Now & Again’. This is a pure ‘Afro Tech Inspired Jam’ with evenly layered synth sounds enveloping the track throughout. One can’t help but tap along as the rhythm of the track builds momentum at right intervals. The second track is titled ‘Obligated’ which too has a heavy ‘Afro Tech Inspiration’ but on a rapid tempo this time around. Hands down, ‘Chanell Collen’ has mastered moments where needs to progress his beat on ‘Obligated’, making this track one which has an ‘ability of creating wonderful memories’.

If ‘Now & Again’ is anything to go by, ‘Chanell Collen’ looks to have a promising musical productive journey in the years to come. Which would explain why the likes of ‘Black Coffee, Djeff, Manoo, Hyenah’ have recently shown him support by ‘jamming’ some of his production on their sets.

Chanell Collen Now & Again – Available Here


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