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On The Spot Light 'Lady Sakhe'


Lady Sakhe is a deejay that has been making us dance for the past 13 years or so. Her speciality, yep!!! you guessed right Deep & Soulful House Music. Signed under Katsaitis Music which is a label owned By the legendary DJ Christos. Dj Christos saw potential in the young deejay back in 2013 and since then Lady Sakhe has made appearances on major radio stations and also plays on the epic Metro FM called Urban Beats. Her mixes feature on the segment called The Local Mix and The Vocal Mix.  Lady Sakhe is the talk of the town with her deep house sounds that get regulars at parties, all over Mzansi. Spring is in the air, so let us welcome it and get to hear what Lady Sakhe had to say about her journey Deep into House Music. Welcome to it…

Sho!Mag: Thank you for taking some time out for us. Can we start by asking who is Lady Sakhe and where is she from?

Lady Sakhe: I am a female deejay that plays Soulful house music. My career in music started roughly about 14 years ago. Soweto, that is where I was born.

Sho!Mag: For the benefit of those who are not familiar with Lady Sakhe. Can you please tell us what is it that you do in the Music Industry? Are you a music producer or a vocalist or a deejay or do you consider yourself as an all-rounder?

Lady Sakhe: I would sum all that up by saying, ‘Lady Sakhe is a deejay and an events strategist’.

Sho!Mag: You must have graced so many stages and performed in a lot of venues and events through your musical journey, which one would you say stood out for you and why is it so?

Lady Sakhe: I would say the ‘Mother Of All Parties’ at the ‘South African Music Conference’, this is mainly because I played back to back with my mentor and my soul sister ‘Dj Buhle’. This also brought so much emotions because I was playing with individuals that are now family. Having to play at a gig at 3AM and all that was playing before we got on was commercial music and to see how the crowd loved and appreciated what we did was incredible.

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