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On The Spot Light 'Portia Luma'

Sho!Mag: We’ve heard from a ‘little birdie’ that you have a banging single currently out, what is the name of the track and how would you describe the kind of sound which makes up that track?

Portia Luma: Lol that is quite true. It is my debut house single titled ‘Ubomi‘ which features ‘Liyanna B’ on vocals and ‘Bee Deejay’ on co-production. It is an afro-house song that is very “African” which is pretty much the style of music that I am into and play.

Sho!Mag: Is it your first track? Or have you released music before and how has the reception been towards your music by the public?

Portia Luma: It’s my very first single. Previously what I used to do was compile music from different artists and release mixtapes on my site was as well as on itunes. The reception has been very heart-warming and supportive from the general public, fans as well as radio stations such as Metro FM – where it has been aired on multiple occasions.

Sho!Mag: Will the single be part of an album and are there any plans to follow up on that single with another one? Or better yet is there an album on the cards?

Portia Luma: Right now I am taking things one step at a time, there aren’t any plans regarding an album but what I can say is that there is more music on the way including a collaboration with ‘Rubygold’.

Sho!Mag: Who have you worked with when it comes to your tracks? Are there any collaborations worth mentioning?

Portia Luma: Ubomi is my first single so I don’t have many people that I can say I have worked with. However, one noteworthy artist would have to be ‘Bee Deejay’ with whom I collaborated with in co-producing ‘Ubomi’. He has been in the industry for over 10 years and was also my mentor when it came to deejaying.

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