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On The Spot Light 'Portia Luma'

Sho!Mag: They say a music career is a hard one, where an artist can’t just survive only on music. They have to have some ‘side hustle’, do you agree with that? And if so, besides music and making music what keeps you busy?

Portia Luma: I totally agree, the cost of living nowadays is too high for a person to solely rely on one source of income. My “side hustle” still revolves around music as I co-own an artist management & entertainment company as well as a clothing line. I am also a part-time marketing student.

Sho!Mag: I always enjoy asking this question, because to me it defines the musician and for everyone I have asked, they have given me totally different responses. Let’s see if you can. Define your perfect ‘set’ what kind of music genre is Portia Luma most likely to play or jam to?


Portia Luma: I have a very open ear when it comes to listening to music but when it comes to deejaying, I am a lover of afro house and a bit of soul.

Sho!Mag: Lastly where and how can we get your new single and any advice for some young ladies who would love to follow in your footsteps?

Portia Luma: My single is available for download on quite a lot of online platforms such as Soundcloud, Fakaza, Audiomack and many more – google it 😉

Regarding advice, I would say find your role in the industry, by that I am not just referring to the music industry but rather the job or even entrepreneurial industries. Thereafter set goals for yourself, short and long term as to how you will go about reaching or achieving them.

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