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Pura Ready To Set House Music Scene Alight With Their Debut Hit Single Titled “Nazi Iy’nkomo”

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Pura is an exceptional duo, ready to set foot in the music industry with their eccentric soulful house melodies. Their debut single, the incredible Nazi Iy’nkomo, is proof that this is a group ready to make a mark on a welcoming industry.


Their first EP Melody For The Year is to be released soon and will be an astonishing phenomenon to the ears of all kinds of audiences. The sound is simply unique with the soulful juicy baselines, rhythmic keys, profound vocals and killer guitar solos which are the two main factors that have shaped this beautiful brand.

Overall the sound has a mix of old school and new school house which is a breath of fresh air and is going to keep the listeners wanting more. Nazi Iy’nkomo is a beautiful masterpiece which is simply about a man trying to prove his true love and commitment by saying “here are the cows” indicating he is ready for marriage with the love of his life. Behind Phila’s moving and powerful voice is a soulful driving bassline complimented by a tropical beachy sounding lead guitar creating a blissful, feel good happy vibe. The track ends with a guitar solo which brings out a soulful profound blues punch that makes one want to play air guitar. The vernacular in the track makes way for the perfect sing-along.

Nazi Iy’nkomo Is Available Here

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