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Simtox ‘On The Spotlight’

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‘On The Sho Spotlight’ this week we have ‘Simo Lucas Mbete’ better known by his stage name ‘Simtox’. ‘Simtox’ is a South African record producer and a deejay though he doesn’t regard himself as one. From his humble beginnings growing up in the Eastern Cape, South Africa in a small town called ‘Engcobo’ he clearly knew at a ‘tender age’ that he was destined to be part of the music industry. Already with an ‘international remix’ under his belt and an exciting ‘EP’ out early next year, ladies and gentlemen I present to you ‘Simtox’

Sho Mag: Before anything let us thank you for taking some time out just for us. Let’s jump straight to the question on everyone’s mind. Who is ‘Simtox’ and where is he from?

Simtox: Thank you for hosting me. Uhmmm… ‘Simtox’ is just a humble gentleman who happens to love music. I’m from a small town which is in the Eastern Cape, South Africa called ‘Engcobo’.

Sho Mag: So “Simtox” this music journey tell us about it. When did you decide to be part of the music industry and what brought about that decision?

Simtox: I actually never thought I’d ever be part of the industry, you know the society we live in, you are always labelled a ‘wannabe’ and people will treat you as if you are crazy once you have those kind of dreams, but then music got the better of me and I found myself hustling, that’s how it happened for me. *laughs*


Sho Mag: We always hear some people saying “Music is a calling” and personally, ‘I am a firm believer of that statement’. With that said, do you believe in that statement too and with all the music genres out there to be part of, then why did you choose ‘House Music’?

Simtox: I also believe it’s a calling, looking at the way it came to me, the way it ‘kept on haunting me’, being in love with it at a tender ‘age of three’, that makes it quite obvious. ‘I love music’ in general but there’s actually something different about house music and my connection with it was quite stronger than any other genre and on top of that, house is quite a ‘flexible genre’, you can quite do a lot with it and I should say it was quite easy for me to learn producing it even before I knew anything about music production.

Sho Mag: If one would ask you. What is it that you do within the music industry? Are you a House Music Dj or a Music Producer or maybe do you do both?

Simtox: I’m actually a ‘Music Producer’ and that’s how I regard myself,  being a DJ is something that ‘comes secondary’ as I have to showcase what I do and get to ‘connect with the people’ I make the music for. It’s never the same when your song is performed by you vs when it’s performed by someone else. People need to feel that connection and get to ‘experience the energies that made you create the song’. I don’t only produce house music though, I try a bit of everything with different people,  I don’t wanna be known as a DJ but a Music Producer,  I love music, not just house music and that’s what I’ve always wanted to be.


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