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Sizz 'On The SpotLight'

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‘South African House Music’ is bursting with talent at this particular moment. From all ‘Mzansi Corners’ there is that one, two or maybe more individual or individuals ready to set the ‘house music scene alight’. This week we are blessed to have one such individual ‘On The SpotLight’ for our weekly ‘one on one’. Straight up from humble beginnings in ‘KwaZulu Natal, South Africa’ we bring ‘Sizz’ ‘On The SpotLight’. Let’s get to it once more…

ShoMag: Before all goes down, let us thank you for making this ‘one on one’ possible. Just for the benefit of those might be wondering, who is ‘Sizz’ and where is he from?

Sizz: ‘Sizz’ is actually an abbreviation of Sizwe, but I added the letter ‘Z’ for some flavour. My full name is Sandisizwe, I’m from a small rural area, on the north side of ‘KZN, South Africa’ what cool kids call ‘the bunduz’.

Spent all my life there, the place shaped and moulded me into a being I am now, how I think, behave and how I see the world. My music is also greatly influenced by the place. I use to be in the choir in most schools I attended during my school years. To put it simple, ‘I’m a simple man, with a big mission’.

ShoMag: We have recently seen a lot of ‘house music deejays’ jumping into ‘music production and vice versa’. Which space do you personally feel in ‘House Music’, would you say you are a ‘House Music Producer or a House Music Deejay’? Maybe do you do both?

Sizz: ‘I’d say I’m an artist first, a musician second, and a craftsman’. I create ideas with my music, making people feel what they don’t want to feel in most cases. Emotions play an integral role towards shaping our perception with regards to music as a whole. I’m an artist that presents music that he makes.

Sizz 'On The SpotLight'

ShoMag: Looking back, how did it all start for ’Sizz’? By that, I mean how did you get into the music industry and how are you finding your ‘musical journey so far’?

Sizz: We use to record ‘Glen Lewis’ with our radio and we’d listen to the tapes and feel the nostalgia. I was hooked to mid-tempo initially, yeah! ‘Chameleon’,  and them Changes In My Life by ‘Stereocandi’. Everything changed after listening to ‘Culoe De Song’  and some international musicians like ‘Atjazz, Jimpster, Raw Artistic Soul’ to name a few. My musical background is broad because I listen to everything and draw inspiration from what I listen to that particular moment.

ShoMag: Challenges are to be encountered throughout any journey. What would you say was your ‘biggest challenge’ when it comes to the music industry and how did you conquer it?

Sizz: To be honest the biggest challenge is ignorance on both sides of  the spectrum. When it comes to artists selling their music, ‘we slack on marketing, providing quality sound and delivery on time’ because people want music and to feel in a new way that’s partly why we search for music constantly. Fans tend to lack some knowledge on how to buy music from digital stores and resort to music piracy websites.

ShoMag: Every artist would like to have his/her own ‘signature sound’. How would you describe ‘Sizz unique sound’?

Sizz: ‘I don’t have a signature sound’. I do what I feel at a certain time. And sometimes I can never feel the same way again.

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