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T.O.N.E.S Unleash A Delightful Afro House Remix Package

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We are delighted to announce the debut label release of T.O.N.E.S. The release is an international affair featuring a 2-track remix package from Trekkah (T.O.N.E.S U.K.) and Kreative Nativez (Zambia), of an original track by French musician, composer, and producer, Etienne de la Sayette and lyrics by Erik Aliana, a Cameroonian musician, and vocalist.


Hailing from Nottingham hood-town and part of the T.O.N.E.S collective, Trekkah – a musician, producer, and dj, has been building his sound and presence within the U.K. Afro House scene. With regular Radio slots on Mimm Radio, Drums Radio, and appearances on BoomRoom.tv, Outpost Coffee and Isolation Island Radio.


Trekkah has played at a number of events in the UK and Europe, billed on line-ups alongside DJs such as Boddhi Satva, Enoo Napa, Mr Silk, Atsou (Madorasindahouse) at events such as T.O.N.E.S (Nottingham), Drums Radio (London), Sonic Tone (Manchester), Spiritual (Poznan) and Tribal Soul (London). With releases this year on Sneja Recordings (SA), Phlexx Records (UK), he now graces us with his debut release ‘Safari Kamer ft. Erik Aliana – Etienne Del La Sayette (Trekkah Remix)’.

The Zambian Afro House producer/Dj duo comprising of childhood friends from Lusaka Dj Blocks (John Mutale Nshimbi) and Trryybo (Jacob Kapaka Sinyangwe) officially revealed themselves as the Kreative Nativez on May 5th 2017. The Nativez Sound has a distinct Zambian feel to it, the structure of the tracks driven by percussion and melodies that pierce the listener right to the core. The arpeggio played on electric piano is usually the synthesis of their compositions on which they build other elements including distinct bass lines. It is evident that the Kreative Nativez have mastered their craft and are etching the name as maestros of the Zambian House sound, and African universal sound.


With music on Sneja Recordings, Arawakan, Madorasindahouse Records, Obenmusik, Melomania, Maluku Records, Union Records, Mr. Afro Deep, IRMA DANCEFLOOR, Sound Chronicles Recordz, Clubstream Pink, Sound Chronicles Recordz, and now bless us with ‘Safari Kamer ft. Erik Aliana – Etienne Del La Sayette (Kreative Nativez Remix)’.

Safari Kamer Feat. Erik Aliana – Etienne De La Sayette (Trekkah & Kreative Nativez Remixes) Is Available Here

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