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Vanco 'On The SpotLight'

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‘On The SpotLight’ this week we have the legendary South African based House Music Producer/Deejay ‘Vanco’. With well over a decade of producing ‘chart topping jams’, ‘Vanco’ is the right man for any occasion. This week we meet up with him for a ‘one on one’ and talk about his latest offering ‘Reflections EP’ and to also find out what he has been up to. We welcome ‘Vanco’ to our ‘SpotLight’.

ShoMag: First and foremost, let us thank you for hitting us up with this ‘one on one’.  We can ‘kick it off’ by asking who is ‘Vanco’ and where is he from?

Vanco: ‘Vanco’ is a music lover. ‘I love dance culture and positive vibes’ and I’m a very self-driven kind of a person. I am from Douglas Dale, Johannesburg, South Africa which is where I started my musical journey in my last year of high school (Matric).

ShoMag: How did it all start for ‘Vanco’? By that I mean how did you get into the music industry? Was it something you always wanted to do and are you from a musical family?

Vanco: I am from a nerdy family hahahaha. However, ‘my family always played music all the time’. I used to be a Pantsula dancer back in the Matric days. I just started to feel more connected to the music, so much that I couldn’t see myself just pursing dancing and looking to create it instead.

I started playing around with musical software, I met a ‘Soul Candi’ student who became a brother and a friend ‘Andile Majola’ also known as ‘Mr Sunshine’, who taught me the basics on how to go about using Reason to create my tracks. From there I just pushed myself to learn more and always still learning every day.  My single ‘Regeneration’ reached  No.1 on the ‘Top 100 Afro House Traxsource Charts’ and since then I’ve released music on ‘Tribe Records, Offerings Recordings, Afrocentric, Melomania Records, Uno Mas and Uncover Music’ and never looked back!


ShoMag: When did you notice that you had ‘passion for music’ and what does ‘house music’ mean to ‘Vanco’?

Vanco: I finally came to conclusion that I was passionate about music in my first year of college. I would day dream about it in class, sometimes lose focus and imagine how I was going to play my instruments as soon as I got home. ’House music means life to me’, it contains so many different musically expressive genre rolled into one.

ShoMag: Every artist has his/her particular ‘signature sound’. How would you describe ‘Vanco’ signature sound and are there any particular influences behind such sound?

Vanco: Afro, Latin and Soul, mixed with a little bit of Techy sounds.

ShoMag: Late last year you dropped your ‘smashing’ much anticipated album ‘Exclusives Vol 1’. How would you describe the music within that album and how is it received by the public so far?

Vanco: The album is by way of an introduction to ‘Vanco’ and my musical capabilities. Musically the album has diversity of sound from ‘soulful, deep, tribal, afro tech and afro house’ with collaborations from Luis The Don, Lundi, Scelo, Afro Warriors, Charlene Lai, Paulo Alves, The Royal Zino, Nomisupasta’, among others. It’s been received really well so far and I’m very pleased with the outcome.

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