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XtetiQsoul 'On The SpotLight'

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‘On The SpotLight’ this week, we ‘chop it-up’ with the South African born ‘one man orchestra and remix beast’ ‘XtetiQsoul’. It may seem as if his rise is an ‘over-night one’, but over the years ‘XtetiQsoul’ has definitely paid his dues. Having unleashed his debut album ‘Fantasy’ back in 2015, ‘XtetiQsoul’ has since worked with big name artists like ‘Black Coffee, Black Motion, DJ Shimza, Soulsta’ and a whole lot more. Fresh from releasing his brand new offering ‘Better Places EP’ with one of the fastest growing labels on the Afro House scene ‘Afrocentric Records’, we catch up with ‘XtetiQsoul’.

ShoMag: First and for most, let us thank you for hitting us up with this ‘one on one’.  We can ‘kick it off’ by asking who is ‘XtetiQsoul’ and where is he from?

XtetiQsoul: Thank you for the opportunity. ‘XtetiQsoul’ is a music producer/dj originally from Durban, South Africa and currently residing in Johannesburg.


ShoMag: How did it all start for ‘XtetiQsoul’? By that I mean how did you get into the music industry

XtetiQsoul: It began back in 2012 when I released a bootleg by ‘Musaria’ titled ‘Moments’. It really captured the attention of many around the land and was playlisted in most of ‘Black Coffee’s’ DJ sets.

ShoMag: Was music something you always wanted to do and are you from a musical family?

XtetiQsoul: Not really, it was something we enjoyed doing with my brothers and friends as a hobby. It ended up being my career path.

ShoMag: When did you notice that you had ‘passion for music’ and what does ‘house music’ mean to ‘XtetiQsoul’?

XtetiQsoul: I would say the passion was sparked from my high school days as a deejay. Learning to create the music I played was a huge learning part of my life. I shared so much love for it.

ShoMag: Every artist has his/her particular ‘signature sound’. How would you describe ‘XtetiQsoul’ signature sound and are there any particular influences behind such sound?

XtetiQsoul: Its different styles within the ‘Afro House Music Genre’, fused with an ‘Orchestral Feel Signature’ into it.

ShoMag: Recently you dropped ‘Retro Compilation’, which is a compilation of remixes you did in the past which is a ‘great move and big up on that’!!! What was the motivation behind dropping that project and how has it been received ‘by the masses’?

XtetiQsoul: The motivation behind the project was introducing the ‘young XtetiQsoul’ to the scene. Giving the audience a look into the sound before the ‘Fantasy’ album.

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