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Yanco Deep 'On The SpotLight'

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‘On The SpotLight’ this week, we have a ‘one on one’ with the ‘Jozi’ based Deejay/ProducerYanco Deep. Having already released music through labels such as ‘DM Recordings, DNH Records, Open Bar Music, Nu Gruv Records’, this young talent is on a quest to establish himself as a ‘formidable force’ within house music loyalists. We chat music and anything beyond withYanco Deep’ as we discover what ‘ignite his passion for House Music’.

ShoMag: Thank you for taking time out to talk to us. The first question which jumps into mind at the mention of that name ‘Yanco Deep’ for me is, what is Yanco Deep’s real name and where is he from?

Yanco Deep: My birth name is ‘Thabo William Namane’. I’m from the Vaal, which is found in the South of Johannesburg. I spent most of my earlier years in Sebokeng.

ShoMag: Why the name ‘Yanco Deep’, how did that come about my man?

Yanco Deep: Back in high school my friends used to call me ‘Namianco’ and sometimes they would shorten that name to ‘Yanco’ whenever they were calling me out. So I decided to use ‘Yanco Deep’ as my stage name because I found myself loving the sounds of ‘Deep House Music’.

ShoMag: Growing up, did you always have ambitions of being a musician? And there must have been other ‘music genres’ to opt for, why did you choose to be part of ‘House Music’ and what does ‘House Music’ mean to you?

Yanco Deep: Growing up I was exposed to Soul Music, Pop, Jazz, Hip Hop and so on. After I was introduced to ‘House Music’ I then developed a passion deejaying at the age of sixteen years. To me house music is like a universe on its own divided into different zones that can touch souls, ‘it gives one feelings of joy, happiness and love’.

Yanco Deep

ShoMag: For you, when did you notice that you actually wanted to be part of the music industry and what brought about that decision?

Yanco Deep: I bumped into ‘Paul Aster’s’ facebook account and noticed that he has released an EP with ‘Afro Rebel Music’ and we made contact, I shared a sample of the project I was working on at that time. To my shock, actually responded and he didn’t believe what he was hearing and as he told me to maintain that sound. That’s when I realised that I need to share my sound with other people.

ShoMag: Your biggest challenge in your musical journey. What would you say is your ‘biggest challenge’ within the music industry?

Yanco Deep: For now my challenges is when I have to balance between my family, friends, school and at the same time I have to focus on music. ‘I just have to find a perfect formula to that equation’.

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