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Blackchild On The SpotLight

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Blackchild born Asanda Matiwane, is a radio presenter, deejay, voiceover artist, creative and an entrepreneur. Born in the Eastern Cape and then ultimately moved to Johannesburg, South Africa where she is set on building her empire. On the SpotLight this week, we present to you Blackchild, let’s get to it…

Very big welcome to Sho Mag and thank you for setting some time aside for this one on one. Can you start off by telling us who Blackchild is and where is she from?

Thank you. Blackchild, born Asanda Matiwane is a Xhosa girl from the dusty streets of Qumbu. I am a Radio Presenter, Dj and entrepreneur amongst other things. At 15 I moved to Durban where I spent most of my adult life. I’m currently based in Jo’burg.

How did the stage name Blackchild come about and what made you to go along with it?

When I joined radio I needed an alias name especially for the closing link… I am Asanda Matiwane (something something). So I’ve always been the odd one out, at home, with my friends. I wasn’t the black sheep and black child made more sense.


What would you say is your contribution within the House Music Scene. Would you categories yourself as a deejay or a producer, or do you just do both and why so?

I am a Dj and slowly getting into production. My contribution in the House Music Scene is to take people on journeys with my sets. I make people dance. For a moment people forget about everything and are taken by the music, for now that’s my contribution. As I grow I would like to add more to this list, as a mentor for upcoming Djs.

How did you get into music and are you from coming from a musical family? Are there any other earlier musical influences in your life?

My mother was a music lover, she had vinyl collections. When I lost my mother at a young age, my routine changed and I needed a good distraction. I turned to radio. Deep and soulful house were a thing on drive shows. So every afternoon coming back from school I’d listen to radio for the music and content. In boarding school it was a big influence in my life, then I had never thought I would ever be a DJ.

What does House Music mean to Blackchild, and out of all the music genres out there what made you choose House Music?

House has a way with the soul. You lose yourself in the music, it’s almost like a hypnosis. That’s why I chose house music.

Just as any other industry, music can be a difficult one to crack. What would you say was your lowest point and how did you overcome that challenge?

It’s a very competitive industry and sadly talent is overshadowed by social media likes and followings.

Looking back at your musical journey. What would you include as is your highlight so far?

I have so many highlights. My first one would be getting into Gagasi FM’s Dj Battle, I won 6 consecutive weeks and when I got into it I did not even know it was a competition. I made it into the top 3 at the Hunters Extreme Dj Battle. 7 consecutive weeks on Jozi FM’s Dj battle.

I’ve played in various provinces, I’ve shared the decks with some artists I admire and look up to. My utmost favourite though are the hugs and high fives I get during and after a set because people enjoyed the music that much.


Besides your blooming music career, you are also the founder of BLACKCHILD Merchandise. Care to explain how that came about and what was the inspiration behind starting your own clothing brand?

I’m in a highly competitive industry. As a creative my brand resonates with people because anyone can be referred to as the black child. To keep my brand relevant I try to produce relatable content, that’s how the merchandise came about. I also have an events and supplies company, Blackchild Events and Supplies.

Are there any other projects we can expect from Blackchild going forward?

Yes, most definitely. Unfortunately I cannot share details as yet until everything is confirmed.

In closing, any last words to the people out there who support you and your music?

Thank you so much for supporting and believing in my brand. I truly appreciate each and everyone of you.

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