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DeepRoot7 "On The SpotLight"

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Waving his “home-town flag” high is “DeepRoot7”. All the way from a small and relatively unknown town called “Lusikisiki” in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, “DeepRoot7” has perfected a fresh and unique perspective to the “Deep House Sound”. Fresh from his latest EP offering “Dark Days” through “Mrali Recordings”, we welcome “DeepRoot7” on our SpotLight…

Welcome to Sho Mag and thank you for making some time for us. Can you kick things off by telling us who is “DeepRoot7” and where is from?

“DeepRoot7” is a young talented upcoming music producer and deejay. I am from a small town in the eastern cape called “Lusikisiki”, I grew in a small village there called “eMbotyi” situated in the coastal area.

How did you get into music and are you from coming from a musical family? Are there any other earlier musical influences in your life?

Well, me getting into music is quite an interesting story, because my uncle was once a taxi driver so whenever he came back home in the evening he would play new house song every day. So now that gave me this interest in listening to music especially “House Music” also getting to understand the genre itself.

Eastern Cape, South Africa without any doubt has over the years produced great musicians. Would you say that coming from that part of South Africa helped in also grooming you as a musician?

Yes that has helped me a lot, because when I look back to the musicians from the Eastern Cape,  I get inspired and motivate  because I know that I one day will be like them. I look back to the likes of “Siphokazi Marhaqana, Lulo café and “Blackcoffee” just to mention the few.


What would you say is your contribution within the House Music Scene. Would you categories yourself as a deejay or a producer, or do you just do both and why so?

My contribution so far in the house music industry is that I have tried to introduce the underground music to the mainstream music platforms. I do both producing and deejaying, but most of the times I am more into production than deejay, because of school commitments.

What does “House Music” mean to “DeepRoot7”, and out of all the music genres out there what made you choose House Music?

Well house music to me means a lot of things. Actually I don’t go a single day without playing house music. House music to me is love, peace and happiness. I wouldn’t say I chose house music, it’s just the other way around. To be quite honest I fell in love with house music and that’s that.

Just as any other industry out there, the music industry has some challenges. So far, what has been your biggest challenge within the music industry and how did you see that through?

So far there are challenges I have faced in the industry. First one was finding a record label that is going to release my tracks in all digital music stores. The second challenge that I’m still faced with right now, getting gigs and bookings. Most club owners and promoters don’t consider booking upcoming artist like me, they want artist who are already established and known.

“Big Up” on your awesome release “Dark Days EP” with Mrali Recordings. Can you run us on what can your fans expect from that offering?

“Dark Days EP” was officially released on 5th of March. It is available on all online music stores.  People can expect to hear new sound, “underground deep house music and something unique”.


Please talk us through “Dark Days EP”. What sort of sound can we expect from that offering?

The type of sound people should expect on “Dark Days”, is a fusion of electronic, melodic and acoustic baselines. The main aim is to create mystic and beautiful sounds.

Every artist has aspirations of having their own unique sound. What would you say is your “signature sound”?

I try by all means to be a versatile producer and not to have a signature sound. All that a person can easily distinguish from my sound is the baseline. Most of my fans know that every song of mine will have a nice and groovy baseline in it.

This year promises to be great one interms of music. Are the any projects on the pipeline we can expect from you this year as well?

Yes, of course there are projects that I am working on currently. I will be featured on “DJ Tremor’s EP” which will be released soon. I am also working on my second Ep which will be released during the course of the year under “Mrali Recordings”.


Your five musicians you’d like to collaborate with on a project and why?

Atjazz- Because his music inspires me and he is one of the people I look up to, so it would be a great honor to work with a legend like him

Portia Monique- because she has a beautiful voice and I would like work with such a talented person.

Sio- she is poetic, easily flows with deep house beats, so it would be quite nice and easy to work with her.

Krippsoulisc- he has that deep and dark sound that I like and he is one of the people I normally listen to on a daily basis, so it would be a great honor for me to work with him.

Any last words to the people out there who support your music?

To everyone out there who supports me and my music, I would like to say thank you so much for what you are doing and may God bless you all. “Let the music move you”.

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