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DeepSouls 'On The SpotLight'

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Coming from two completely different backgrounds, the two members of DeepSouls namely Bradley Jones & Ofentse ‘Milo’ Raphadu met through mutual friends and immediately spawned a formidable friendship through their love of music. To be more specific, the love for deep house brought the two together and since then, they have never looked. This week ‘On The SpotLight’, we have DeepSouls. We ‘dig deep’ into their journey through music just to find out what makes this ‘Duo’ a special one.  

ShoMag: Thank you guys for taking some time out for this ‘one on one’ with us. ‘DeepSouls’ who makes up the ‘Duo’ and how did you guys hook up?

DeepSouls: Hi guys, thank you for having us. ‘DeepSouls’ is made up of the two of us, ‘Bradley Jones and Ofentse Raphadu’. We met through mutual friends in our matric year and got on like a ‘house on fire’, and the rest is history.

ShoMag: For ‘DeepSouls’, how has the journey been within the music industry? Is the industry what you expected it to be or is it something totally different?

DeepSouls: Well we initially didn’t really know what to expect from the industry so we had to ‘learn along the way to see how it works’. To be fair the industry is not the easiest by any margin, it takes a lot to get used to.


ShoMag: ‘Being able to both produce music and deejay is a must have skill nowadays’. What are your thoughts on that statement? Are you guys for it or against it?

DeepSouls: We don’t necessarily think it’s a ‘must have skill’, as there are many deejays out there who have mastered the skill of mixing and didn’t feel the urge to start producing and vice versa. It is something that definitely adds to the appeal of the deejays though. ‘There is nothing better than playing your own music’.

ShoMag: For someone who is not familiar with your sound. How would ‘DeepSouls’ describe their unique sound to that person?

DeepSouls: We always try find a balance between ‘electronic and soulful’, a big influence in our music are the likes of ‘Mano le Tough, DJ Koze’ and many others alike.

ShoMag: Throughout every journey, there are ‘highs and lows’. What would you say was your all time low within the music industry and what lessons did ‘DeepSouls’ take out of that experience?

DeepSouls: There will always be lows, so we can’t really say but if we had to pick one out of the lot it would probably be on the event side of things, where we lost quite a bit of money, ‘but that comes with the game’. We learned to take the punches as they come and always get back up and continue to push what we love.

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