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Dj Thotho 'On The SpotLight'

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From just being a ‘House Head’ with nothing but ‘true passion’ for house music to being one of the ‘hottest up and coming deejays’. Dj Thotho’s musical journey is one which is characterized by ‘perseverance and passion’ for her art form. Having been mentored by Durban, South African based musical maestro ‘Dj Clyd’ since 2014, Dj Thotho’ has surely ‘earned her stripes’ within the South African House Music Scene. ‘Dj Thotho’ is the artist ‘On The SpotLight’ this week, we hang with her as we discover what it takes to keep the ‘musical light shining’ throughout her journey.

ShoMag: Before we get into it, let us thank you for taking time out for this ‘one on one’. For the benefit of someone out there who might be in the dark, can you tell us who ‘Dj Thotho’ is and where is she from?

Dj Thotho: Thank you for the platform. Well, Dj Thotho’s real name is ‘Lutho Pasiya’. She was born and bred in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape, South Africa but currently living in Durban, South Africa.


ShoMag: How did it all start for ‘Dj Thotho’? By that I mean how did you get into the music industry? Was it something you always wanted to do and are you from a musical family?

Dj Thotho: Yes I’m from a musical family. My Mom and Dad used to be choral singers. I also was in the school choir during my junior school days but ‘choral music was not something I was really into’. I also got the whole music influence from my brother. He used to make beats and we would play around with them putting on vocals. There and then I just fell in love with music.

I think I was about 14yrs of age then. ‘I got inspired by ‘Dj Cndo’ and I one day saw myself as a Dj too’. The way I loved music, I just wanted to share all the good stuff with people and the only way I knew I could do that was by me becoming a deejay so I can play the music to the people, introduce good music and even bring back those old classics to their ears. So in 2014 when I had just arrived in Durban, I met ‘Dj Clyd’ who mentored me into the deejaying industry. ‘Dj Clyd’ was a friend of mine on Facebook, so he saw the love and passion I had for music and the rest was history.

ShoMag: The music industry can be a bit of a bumpy one for most musicians. How are you finding the music industry and how has your ‘musical journey’ ​ been so far?

Dj Thotho: I have four years now in the music industry and I’m still enjoying every moment and I cannot wait to experience and learn even more. What I have noticed during the whole period is that ‘it’s not an easy industry to work in’. If you’re rushing for fame then you’re in big trouble. Everyone has his or her turn to shine. So I’m chilled, I know one day I’ll also make it big because I believe in myself. ‘As artists we should believe in ourselves, nothing else’.

ShoMag: There must have been some ‘epic moments’ throughout your music career. What would you list as your ‘career highlight’ thus far?

Dj Thotho: Seriously, releasing my own music hahaha. I never thought 2 years into the industry I’d start releasing my own music. I also never saw it coming but it happened. ‘Today I have 3 singles under my belt’.

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