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Dj Vitoto 'On The SpotLight'

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‘On the Spot light’ we have ‘Victor Shongwe’ who is popularly known as ‘DJ Vitoto’. He is one of South Africa’s most exceptional ‘musical talent’ with a vast experience in ‘music production, composition and writing’. Not only that, DJ Vitoto is also a skilled instrumentalist in both ‘drums and percussions’. With that he adds a fresh ‘Afro-Soul Sound Element’ to his live performances. We dive in and talk about his music and all things around him. ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the mega talented Dj Vitoto’.

Sho Mag: Before everything, we would like to thank you for taking some time out of your busy schedule, just so we can have a talk with you. Firstly we would like to know who is ‘Dj Vitoto’ and where is he from?

Dj Vitoto: My real name is ‘Victor’ and ‘DJ Vitoto’ simply means a ‘hard working musician’. I am from Mabopane which is a location based in Pretoria in South Africa.

Sho Mag: Music is a life long journey. For you ‘Dj Vitoto’ when and how did you get into the music industry? What brought about that decision?

Dj Vitoto: I started playing musical instrument/drums at an early age at church in the year 2004 from then, I introduced myself to music production softwares so as to build up my music knowledge. Honestly I did not decide to be a musician. ‘Love is one of the strongest tools that brought DJ Vitoto out of Victor’.Dj-VitotoSho Mag: If one would ask you. What is it that you do within the music industry? Are you a House Music Dj or a Music Producer or maybe do you do both?

Dj Vitoto: I would say I am a musician by profession. That includes being a Deejay/Music Producer/Drummer and Percussionist.

Sho Mag: We last saw you when you ‘blew away’, last season’s ‘Mzansi Master’s Of Spin’. Big up for your effort, interms of gaining something out of that ‘Dj Competition. Personally what did ‘Dj Vitoto’ gain as a musician from ‘Mzansi Master’s Of Spin’?

Dj Vitoto: I have learnt so much from ‘Mzansi Master’s Of Spin’ especially from the guest musicians which were brought in each and every day at the competition. The music itself, the music business side of it, how to own your audience as an artist, studio time management and also how to have proper radio presentation skills.Dj-Vitoto

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