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Kalimba Soul Captures The Spirit Of Africa Through Their Sound

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Kalimba Soul was formed in 2016 when Mageba Ngwenya (aka: Zest) met Karabo Mahlangu (aka: Ksuga) through a mutual friend and eventually decided to collaborate on a track. The chemistry between the duo was immediately evident from the onset and the beauty of the sound that came forth forced the two longtime musicians to combine their talents indefinitely.

Just as the Kalimba is an Original African musical instrument that embodies the spirit of all the cultures of the African peoples, Kalimba Soul captures the spirit of Africa through sound. The tribal sounds are infused with modern house music to produce a festival of rich original music that can be enjoyed in the tranquillity of home or if you like can burn the dancefloor. Kalimba Soul aims to entertain for a very long time by producing timeless music that won’t be too out of place in the modern context. We had one on with this exciting duo and this is how it went down…

Sho Mag: Thank you guys for taking some time out for us. ‘Kalimba Soul’ who makes up the Duo’, how did you guys hook up and when was that?

Kalimba Soul: Kalimba Soul is made by Mageba Ngwenya aka Zest and Karabo Mahlangu aka Ksuga. We met through a mutual friend named SGO aka Andile Ntuli in 2016

Sho Mag: How would you describe ‘Kalimba Soul’s sound to someone who is not familiar with your sound?

Kalimba Soul: Kalimba Soul sound is a fusion of deep house and commercial house.

Sho Mag: You have been together as a ‘Duo’ since the year 2016 and before that what have you guys been up to individually when it comes to music?

Kalimba Soul: K-suga has been working with the like of De Mogul SA, Ezra, Dj Ganyani @Dj ganyani Entertainment and Zest has been working with the famous.


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