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Mawande Kheswa 'On The SpotLight'

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On the ‘SpotLight’ this week, we have the ‘multi-talented’ Mawande Kheswa. Some of us have seen him on e.TV Sunrise as he is their News Anchor. Most of us know him as an up and coming music producer who is passionate about ‘youth development’ within the creative industry. With all that on his table, Mawande Kheswa also manages to ‘bless our souls’ with his weekly 100% House Music Radio Show ‘Radio Soulheadz’. ‘Ladies and Gents’, this is what went down on our ‘one on one’ with Mawande Kheswa …

ShoMag: First of all thank you for taking some time out for this ‘one on one’. Can we start by asking who is”Mawande Kheswa” and where is he from?

Mawande Kheswa: I’m a young ambitious ‘music producer, News Anchor, Radio show host and part time Dj’. Basically I’m a creative who loves music and sending out positive vibrations through sound. I was born in a Township called Gamalakhe close to Portshepstone in the South Coast of KZN, South Africa.

ShoMag: One can do a lot within ‘Mzansi House Music Scene’, what would you say is your involvement within this scene?

Mawande Kheswa: My job is to ‘groom and develop aspiring musicians’ as well as to give them a platform to use their talent. Quite often getting on radio and tv is a mission for house producers and I want to play a part in changing that. On a broader scale I recently produced Thiwe’s upcoming single and I’m definitely going to contribute more towards the South African house music scene.


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