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Pro Monate’s Areyeng Da Set To Disrupt Amapiano Scene

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Pro Monate, is back again after the success that came with winning last year’s nationwide Trace TV Amapiano Competition. From joining the Vth Season family, to releasing a hit single Gigaba, 2019 was a jam-packed year for Pro Monate. Living up to his title as the future of Amapiano, Pro Monate’s latest release is set to disrupt the Amapiano scene as Areyeng Da promises to rival most of the Amapiano tracks currently on the market by music industry heavyweights.


Areyeng Da meaning Let’s go there in sPitori, is definitely a mood setter for what’s to come post lockdown. Whether it’s to go visit loved ones and friends, your favourite hangout spot or even to go back to work, everyone is looking forward to going somewhere.

“Areyeng Da gives people something to look forward to. I’m very excited for everyone to hear it,”Pro Monate

Pro Monate – Areyeng Da featuring PureVibe & Billydon Is Available Here

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