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Fresh from closing off last year with his crowd moving EP offering titled “Zona Quente EP” which was released through “Afrocentric Records”. “On The SpotLight” this week we break bread with the “Mozambican” based Afro House music sensation “SkyWhite” and this is how it all went down…

Very warm welcome to Sho Mag and thank you for taking some time out for this “one on one”. Can you start by telling who is “Skywhite” and where is he from?

“Lenilson Dos Santos”, but known by the “SkyWhite” is a Mozambican deejay and producer.

The stage name “Skywhite” is a catchy one we must say, where does it come from and why did opt for that name?

The name “SkyWhite” came through my imagination, I picked that name is best reflect me as a producer.

How is the “Afro House Music” scene like in Mozambique?

Afro house in Mozambique is very well received, and there are several festivals I have participated in which on its own indicates how well it is received.


You started making music at an early stage of your life. So far what has “musical journey” been like?

Honestly, my musical journey continues to be great, every day that passes I make sure that there is something new I learn.

The recent trend is “deejays can produce music and producers can deejay too”. Are you also a producer/deejay and if so why?

I am a DJ and a producer, because I am a lover of good music, and from there came the idea of being a deejay and producer to captivate what I feel in music.

Afro House Music has taken off lately and the quality of music out now is amazing! What can you credit that to?

I believe yes, because it is one of the most played sounds in clubs everywhere I go. I credit that to people looking for that authentic African Sound and Afro House Music provides just that at the moment.

“Big Up” on your brilliant debut EP “Zona Quente” on Afrocentric Records. Getting your first break, how did that come about?

Good question, releasing through Afrocentric has been a huge blessing to me and also my music. I am truly humbled to have worked with such a passionate team of individuals who have wealth of musical knowledge.

Can you walk us through your debut EP “Zona Quente”. What was the inspiration behind this banging offering?


The inspiration behind this offering was mainly pure Afro House Sounds and a bit of Electro House Sounds. So in all the attempt was to fuse both elements and come up with a nice sound.

Music should be made for the “masses”. How has “Zona Quente” been received by the public and deejay community at large?

It was well received and that also encouraged me to work harder on my sound.

This year promises to be great one interms of music. Are the any projects on the pipeline we can expect from you this year as well?

The main plan is to release two EP’s and then follow all that with an album later this year.

Your five musicians you’d collaborate with on a project with and why?

“Nero Ador”, because of his unique musical style, “Kevin Blu” because I find his voice excellent and “Daniel Sax” because I think he is an experienced saxophonist.

Any last words to the people out there who support your music?

I am thankful for the support and for the affection that has been placed in me and also thankful for giving me the strength to continue on with my work.

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