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Stones And Bones Biography

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“Stones & Bones” is a Gauteng-based House Band that was formed in 2010. They use a combination of House beats and live instruments to create food for the soul and fresh grooves for the dance floor. Since their formation, their music has spread like a wildfire across the plains of South Africa, Africa and the world. What makes this group so unique is their ability to combine acoustic instruments with electronic beats and soulful vocals while still maintaining a groove that will rock the dance floor. Their combination of rhythm and melody has crowds dancing and singing like there is no tomorrow.

Hearing the band’s music is amazing but, seeing them perform live is even more mind-blowing. These 2 guys DJ, they sing, they dance, they play guitars, saxophones, keys, synthesizers and almost anything else that they can get their hands on. There is never a dull moment when these guys are on stage. The music is unique. Whether it’s a heart-warming love song that reaches deep into the soul or a pumping, high energy dance anthem that has the dance floor bouncing, there always remains a distinct “Stones & Bones” flavour. The music feels real and alive. The live instruments give it colour and realness that many producers search for their whole lives.

The combination of KG Bones and CJ Stone is not one that you would expect to see in a House duo. Yet, it works like magic. They have a chemistry and musical understanding between them that transcends language and culture, something that you can only get through making music together for a long time.

KG Bones is the DJ and the lead vocalist. In between, he still finds time to jump on the synthesizer. Having grown up listening to House Music and learning to produce music and play keys in high school, the logical next step for Bones was to sing. As it turns out, he has an incredible voice, filled with soul and emotion. The type of vocalist that can make you miss someone that you have never met.

Casper J Stone or CJ Stone as many know him, has been a musician since he was 13. He learnt to play saxophone and guitar in high school and never looked back. CJ has explored many genres and is proficient in the theory of music. This becomes clear when he picks up a musical instrument. The man knows exactly what the rules are and still has no qualms about breaking them when he bursts into fiery guitar solos or plays soothing melodies on the sax.

“Stones & Bones” have performed at a wide selection of venues throughout Gauteng and DJ’s are already going crazy to get their hands on anything that has been produced or remixed by the duo. The members of Stones & Bones are fulltime musicians and producers who are single-mindedly focused on their craft. They have all the characteristics that are needed to form a super group and yet, they are pleasant individuals who understand how important music is for the listener, always having time to chat to a fan or fellow producer after a performance.

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