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Veekay About To Blow Mzansi's House Music Scene

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Sho!Mag: Before all goes down, let us thank you for taking some time out of your busy schedule, just so we can have a talk with you. Just for the benefit of those might be wondering, who is ‘Veekay’ and where is he from?

Veekay: You’re welcome and thank you for having me. ‘Veekay’s real name is Vusi Khumalo who is a singer, songwriter, music producer, performer and founder of ‘VilleMagic Productions’ from Mahikeng in the North West Province, South Africa.

Sho!Mag: How did it all start for ‘Veekay’? By that I mean how did you get into the music industry and how is your musical journey going so far?

Veekay: From a young age I used to be fascinated with music, I’d sing every chance I got and from the age of 7 that’s when the bug really hit me. I’d watch Michael Jackson on TV and be so inspired, I really wanted to touch the world the way he did with his music and that’s when I started performing at weddings. I’d be lying if I say the journey has been easy because it hasn’t been, but through hard work, passion, perseverance and dedication I managed to find a way and doors are starting to open up for me.

Sho!Mag: What would do you do in the ‘music industry’, are you a singer, music producer or a deejay? Or would you say that you are an all-rounder and do a bit of all those elements?

Veekay: I’m an all-rounder, as mentioned on the previous question. I’m a singer, songwriter, producer and performer.

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