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WitDj ‘On The SpotLight’

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This week on the ‘Spotight’, we catch up with ‘Witness Bodikwa’ popularly known within the ‘House Music Industry’ as ‘WitDj’. Back in the days when we started ShoMag, ‘WitDj’ was one of the first ‘House Music Producers / Deejays’ who genuinely showed us love. As we recall, back in those days ‘WitDj’ had just put out his massive debut house music compilation album titled ‘Drop The Beat Vol 1’. This time around we have a ‘one on one’ with him and find-out what he has been up to since his debut release.

Sho Mag: ‘Let’s just jump in the middle with this one’. From the last time we had our talk. What has changed within your music career?

WitDj: I would say that, my fan base definitely grown and there has been a lot of ‘positive feedback’ from fellow artists about my tracks. That has also motivated me to work even harder and have also ‘grown as a musician’.

Sho Mag: Which role does music play in your life? By that I mean what ‘impact has music had in your life’?

WitDj: Music impacts my life both negatively and positively. Positively would be, ‘I get to do what I enjoy and what I feel I am good at’. Also I do get some ‘positive kicks’ when I work with other driven and talented musicians, ‘music for me is life’.

Sad to say the bad side is that some people tend to take credit for my hard work and never give credit back where it’s due and also if we do not stop piracy, then we are ‘killing our Music Industry’. #StopPiracyBafwethu

Sho mag: There are a lot of ‘Music Genres’ out there you could have chosen to be part of. Why did you choose house music?

WitDj: As I said before ‘music for me is life’ and honestly I felt that ‘House Music’ out of any other music genre out there brought the best of me therefore gave me life. I can easily relate to ‘House Music’ and sort of find inspiration quite easy when I have to produce a house beat. ‘I have mega love for this genre’.


Sho Mag: Having put out your debut house compilation ‘Drop The Beat Vol 1’ way back in 2016. How was that offering welcomed by the public?

WitDj: Surprisingly, the reception for ‘Drop The Beat Vol 1’ from the public was a great one. I say surprisingly because that was my first album and to be honest, ‘I felt touched and humbled by the positive response I received for that album’. Infact I am still getting feedback for ‘Drop The Beat Vol 1’ and that has opened some doors for me in so many ways. Like having to work with some of ‘Mzansi’s talented House Music Producers on Drop The Beat Vol 2’.

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