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Dj Sk – Believe In Yourself And Always Stay Humble

Welcome to it. In this week’s Spot Light we feature the talented and versatile Deejay / Producer Dj Sk. As some of you, if not all of you by now know that Dj Sk is the current title holder of the Prestigious South African Masters Of Spin Deejay Competition which an annual South African Deejay and Music Production Competition. Dj Sk has been on the rise since taking that title last year and with an upcoming Debut Album. We had to sit down and take note to what this talented ‘Master Of Spin’ had to say:

Sho!Mag: Dj Sk, who is Dj Sk (Birth Name And Surname) and where are you based?

My name is Sikonkosi Ncamiso well Known as ‘Dj Sk’, I am based in Port Elizabeth (Eastern Cape) at Motherwell.

Sho!Mag: The stage name “Dj Sk” where and how did that come about?

The name Dj Sk is taken from my real name which is ‘Sikonkosi’, so I took two letters from my name which would be ‘S’ from ‘Siko’ and then the ‘K’ from ‘Nkosi’. Basically, that is how I managed to come up with my stage name.

Sho!Mag: In the African House Music Scene, what part are you actually playing? Do you consider yourself a Deejay or a Producer or you can do both?

I am a Deejay, Author and Music Producer.

Sho!Mag: So what do you prefer the most? Is it deejaying or music production?

Honestly I just cannot choose between deejaying and production as I am comfortable doing both.

Sho!Mag: Dj Sk, when did you notice that you had love for House Music and what sparked that love for House Music? “Do you have any musical influences”?

I grew up listening to all music genres, it was just out of natural progression that I started having ambitions of being a Deejays. This all started way back while I was still doing my Grade 8. I have always believed that I would eventually end up being a musicians that was the case even in my childhood years. I have since grown to like, listen, play and produce more of house music than any other music genre. I grew to listening to the sounds of Dj Clock, it really inspired the way my sound is all because of the quality the guy produces. I would say Dj Kent has always been a positive influence on my deejaying career. Mainly, what inspires me the most is his technical ability. His mixing, deejaying, selection and natural track progression is just out of this world in my opinion.

Sho!Mag: Mzansi Masters of Spin. Firstly congratulations on becoming the ultimate 2016’s Master of Spin. How was the experience and how did entering come about?

Mzansi Masters if Spin was a huge opportunity for me.  Even though it was tough one, but it was sooooo worth it. I came into the competition ready and prepared to conquer. Yes, I did a lot of learning through-out the competition and yes it was fun too. The learning part was priceless for me as I learned valuable things such as time management and the ability to produce other genres of music. We were empowered through-out the completion to never ever not even once doubt out talent and ability. With that spirit, I guess it is what drove me to the end and ultimately my crowning moment within that competition.

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