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Kates Le Cafe On The Spotlight

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“KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa” has been a consistent source of talented House Music Producers / Deejays. From the likes of “Culoe De Song, Kususa, Enoo Napa, Dj Merlon, Argento Dust”, KwaZulu-Natal just keeps them coming. This week is no different, as we break it down with just another Durban, South African based exciting new Afro House Music sensation Kates Le Cafe”. Fresh from dropping his latest release “Tarzan” with “Afrocentric Records”, “Kates Le Cafe” is surely another Durban based artist to lookout for.

“Big Up” for taking some time out for this “Sho Mag One On One”. Let’s kick things off by asking, who is “Kates Le Café” and where is he from?

Firstly thanks for having me here “Sho Magazine”, really appreciate it. Well my real name is “Perfect Nhlakanipho Mhlongo” an upcoming versatile producer and deejay who was born on the 4th of June 1994. Currently, I am situated in “Newlands West, Durban, South Africa”.

What inspired you to be part of the music industry? Was it something you always wanted to be a part of?

Most definitely, I always wanted to be part of the music scene! I feel as if music has always been a part of me because my soul was touched by music at a very young age and ever since my soul got touched by music, I’ve been trying so hard to return the favor and touch other souls back with my music.

Just as any other industry out there, the music industry has some challenges. So far, what has been your biggest challenge within the music industry and how did you see that through?

My biggest challenge was finding my own unique sound or style, something not too unique and  not to average because there are so many dope producers around the world and mainly because music is constantly evolving. I played around and experimented for a few years and eventually I finally found my signature sound.

Looking back at your “musical journey”. What would you include as is your highlight so far?

I’m still up-coming so I haven’t done anything major in my career so far, except a few releases under various labels and a few gigs at local Durban venues and clubs. But thus far my biggest highlight or achievement in my musical journey is being part of the “Afrocentric Records”.

Being from Durban, South Africa. How has that influenced and shaped your music?

Durban is home to many underdogs on the rise, many living and deceased legends who have helped groom my sound to what it is. Maybe “King Shaka Zulu” or our ancestors blessed with this rhythm, but us “Durbanites” just love dancing so I think it’s the passion I have for making people dance that has influenced and shaped my music to what it is.

Afro House Music has taken off lately in Durban and the quality of music you guys are pumping out is amazing! What can that be credited to?

Most of our lives we were made to believe that being black is a negative is a negative thing. “Afro House” is like a calling from our ancestors, it is the only way we express ourselves and communicate spiritually with everyone who is in sync with the “Afro House Realm”. Personally it is more of a spiritual thing.


“Big Up” on your awesome release “Tarzan” with Afrocentric Records. On working with Afrocentric Records, how did that come about?

Well I had been releasing music under various labels before since 2015 but I felt that my music deserved a home that really appreciated and understood “Afro House” not just to profit from it. But to make memories, so basically I approached “Cory Centric” from “Afrocentric Records” who humbly welcomed me with open arms to their family and the rest is history.

Please talk us through “Tarzan”. What sort of sound can we expect from that offering?

The first thing which catches your attention when you hear that track are the drum, it’s like you’re in a jungle with “Tarzan” and this is fused with one synth sound which is accompanied a sweet sounding melody circulating the background and that is a guaranteed cause of an adrenaline rush and euphoria. Just grab a copy and experience it yourself.

 “Kates Le Café”, what would you say is your “signature sound”?

My signature sound for all the songs that I make mainly depends on my particular mood at that particular time. But I like my congo’s and bongo’s banging, massive synths, dark atmospheres. Sometimes I might add some mellow chords or strings, but I always prefer my bass hard and punchy.

The year promises to be a great one for you with the release of “Tarzan”. Are there any projects on the pipeline we can expect you to follow up with?

I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise but most definitely I have so much in store this year my, personal favorites would be “Magandula (ft Dr.Sk)” which features an explosive remix from “Cory Centric” and “Message From The Elders”  to name a few, but just keep your eyes glued on my socials for updates.

Your five venues you’d enjoy your performance on and why?

Firstly the “Afrocentric Roof Top Party in Dubai”, I’ve seen videos and it seems so epic!!!

“Boiler Room” because I’ve also seen videos and the people who attend that place just won’t stop dancing.

“Ade”, because that is one of the world’s biggest annual music events.

“Red Bull Music Festival” and lastly “Djoon” because I’ve always wanted to go to “Paris”.

What would your advice be to a young house music producer out there hustling for a break through?

Keep holding on, at some point in time I was also just dreamer. Just let your passion for something be bigger than your fears and always have faith in your art cause your art is a reflection of your soul.

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