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MO7AI Platform The Comprehensive Pioneer Service For DJs And Clubs

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Starting and following a career within the electronic music industry, that is the easy part. Whereas making it within this industry can prove to be the hard part for most musicians. With the ever changing landscape within the electronic music industry, a musician can feel abit overwhelmed which may then lead to a grinding halt of their musical career. Just as any other career, growth is important too within the electronic music industry. No one wants to create an awesome sound and still be stuck in the same spot, we are all about progression!

Allow us to introduce to you MOAI. MOAI is a Spanish Agency which boasts a vast roaster of artists and electronic music clubs. MOAI has been within the electronic music scene since 2017 and within that period this agency has evolved and now specializes in two main branches namely: MO7AI Platform and MOAI Bookings. For this article, the focus will be on the MO7AI Platform and we will then follow up with the MOAI Bookings at a later stage.


MO7AI Platform, is the only platform for both electronic music artists and electronic music clubs where one can develop as a successful electronic music deejay or electronic music producer. This is made possible all thanks to MO7AI Platform’s comprehensive service that covers 7 fields namely: School, Marketing Agency, Management & Booking, Event Promoter, Streaming, Record Label and Own club.

MO7AI Platform – A Pioneer In Full Dj Service Offering

MO7AI Platform is the pioneer when it comes to offering a full and comprehensive dj service offering under one roof or Dj Agency. With this MO7AI Platform decreases the clutter which is usually associated with securing services from separate suppliers or Dj Agencies. With MO7AI Platform all the needs of any Dj services are professionally bundled and met under one roof.

MO7AI Platform – The mission

MO7AI Platform’s objective is to promote electronic music by covering musical subgenres from Deep House, Afro House to Techno while contributing to the musical development of artists. This is achieved by making available a wide range of services that provide a specialization of quality, encouraging the use of new technologies and contributing to instill ethical values and responsibility within the club culture with a solid work ethic, integrity and honesty.

As mentioned earlier, MO7AI Platform has evolved and currently has professionals in Spain & Portugal, England, Italy, Eastern Europe, Latin America and with their latest inclusion being Africa. MO7AI Platform is to be replicated so as to cover regions such as North America, Asia and Australia in the medium to long term.


For More Information

MO7AI Platform Website

MOAI Bookings Website

MO7AI Africa Facebook Page

MOAI Bookings Facebook Page

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Please contact : africa@moaiclub.com

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