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On The Spot Light 'Deep Marvin'


Welcome to it. ‘Spot Light’ this week we get to have a talk with the multi-talented KZN, South African born Deep House Music Deejay ‘Deep Marvin’. To some there might be no introduction needed when it comes to this ‘Soulful Sound Selector’, but for the benefit of those that might need one then we will do it. ‘Deep Marvin’ is the man behind ‘Pleasures Of Intimacy’ which is also known as ‘POI’. Deep Marvin has also hosted a score international house music deejays and producers through his well-known ‘POI Sessions’. Sitting on the ‘Spot Light’ is Deep Marvin and Welcome to it…

Sho!Mag: Thank you for taking some time out for us. The question we all want to know is who Deep Marvin is and where is he from?

Deep Marvin: Thulane “Marvin” Makhoba aka Deep Marvin is a son, father, author and deep house deejay from Newcastle (Osizweni), he is a  Systems Support graduate, a podcast host and live sessions co-ordinator for POI Sessions. Apart from music my passion lies in inspiring the youth hence I have opened a youth center that deals with empowering youth.

Sho!Mag: There are quite a few people who are not familiar with House Music Podcasting. In your own words, what would you say House Music Podcasting is to a person who is not familiar with it?

Deep Marvin: It is a platform of introducing house music deejays, producers and music as a whole be it local or international sound. House Music is broad, therefore it will take a number of podcasters with a different sound to introduce it to the public in a proper way.

Sho!Mag: Deep Marvin, why opt for Podcasting? Why not choose any other Element within House Music such as Music production or just any other element?

Deep Marvin: Funny enough I tried production but hardly have time so I ended up putting it on hold for now, for sure later I will revert to it. Podcasting was my way of introducing myself as a brand and marketing Deep Marvin through mixes, when you are starting out in music, nobody knows you and it is hard to get gigs. Then why not do ‘mixtapes’ then share them so as to give an idea of what you can do. Keep in mind podcasting has evolved greatly we now on live recording and that can allow people to see you work and be keen on downloading your audio sound.

Sho!Mag: Is podcasting something which is easy for one to do successfully? If so what challenges does one face when they opt for podcasting?

Deep Marvin: When I started it was too easy you just needed a laptop/computer put in a VDJ software you good to go, but now the challenge would come when you have to play live and that is a different ball game. Having said that it is still easy you just need to open a podcast through music sharing sites and record the music and be active on Social Media Sites in order to share your stuff.

The challenge would be convincing people to download your mixes, data to upload and upgrading to better music sharing sites or podcast sites so that your mixes can be available to a larger crowd and all the times. Don’t forget one still has to buy music because as much as it is a platform to market yourself you also need to consider that you are using other producers work, so you need to buy and support them in the process.

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