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SoulPoizen 'On The SpotLight'

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We all know him from his ‘blazing hot album’ titled ‘Nature Frequencies’ which set the ‘Mzansi’s Underground House Music Scene Alight’. On our ‘SpotLight’ this week we are blessed by the presence of an artist worthy to be counted among ‘Mzansi’s Finest Underground House Music Producer / Deejay’ ‘SoulPoizen’. ‘SoulPoizen’ has by far established himself among the best underground house music producer / deejay this side of the planet. ‘On The SpotLight’, let’s get to it…

ShoMag: Thank you for finding some time for this ‘one on one with ShoMag’. Can we kick it off by getting to know you first, who would you say is ‘SoulPoizen’ and where is he from?

SoulPoizen: First and foremost, thank you for this opportunity. ‘SoulPoizen’, born ‘Nkosingiphile Ngiba’, is from KwaNdengezi in Durban, South Africa. I am a self-taught house music producer and DJ running my own label ‘Herbs & Soul Music’ in partnership with an Eastern Cape based company ‘92 Hype’. I have been on the ‘underground scene’ for quite some time and I’ve had the most ‘fantastic experience thus far’, good and bad.

ShoMag: Can you take us a bit back on your ‘musical journey’. Where did it all start for you and has music always been what you wanted to follow?

SoulPoizen: I started music production in 2007, using FL studio 3. I actually got the software accidentally during a project we were working on at school. Always have been a lover of music, and I was fortunate enough to be born in a musical family if I may say.

Fast forward to how it all began, I got a disc from school which I thought had an IT project we were working on and from thereon I fumbled until I learnt the basics. Funny part is there were guys ‘Blaq Soul & Soule Villain in my hood who were already experienced in production and I didn’t even know we came from the same hood ‘well because their stuff was just absolutely out of this world’! My whole journey started to take shape late 2009 and in 2010 when I started at ‘DUT’, that’s where I met the ‘Invaders and Sobz’ and a lot of other guys. Even though currently I have a 9 to 5 but man music is just always there, and ‘lately I record a lot of ideas on my phone to keep the creative juices flowing’.


ShoMag: We have noticed quite a number of ‘South African and International Based Music Artists’ tend to both deejay and produce. What is your take on that and how would you categorize yourself as an artist, are you a deejay or a music producer or do you do both?

SoulPoizen: I do both, fortunately! I think with the way the scene is going ‘one needs to actually have all the skills if possible’. It’s a plus when you can create your own music and also share it with the world through deejaying. I feel like it’s a form of marketing that every artist in our scene needs to be able to do for their own brand.

ShoMag: Inspiration can come in many forms. For you, where do you draw ‘musical inspiration’ from?

SoulPoizen: I draw a lot of my inspiration from Movies, books and the energy during DJ sets.

ShoMag: What would you say sets ‘SoulPoizen’ apart from any other musician out there at the moment who happens to do what you do?

SoulPoizen: ‘I believe my sound is unique’ and that’s where I am able to stand out from my peers in the industry. It’s quite raw if I may say, and it speaks my truth to the listener.

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